The definition of the term heating is very careful. A heater is a general term for devices that heat the environment. Heaters are used to heat small rooms and are usually portable or wall-mounted. Most space heaters use gas or electricity. 

The electric heater is a comfortable device that provides targeted, localized heat and is especially suitable for rooms for the elderly, the sick, or the physically challenged. However, they can be expensive. The heating device should only be used as a secondary or additional heat source. Nevertheless, you should use a heater suitable for the room you are heating and carefully control the temperature and time when the heater is on. 


 Electric Space Heaters 

 Electric Space Heaters have all been considered 100 efficiencies because they convert all the electricity they use into heat, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap to run. To calculate the running cost, you need to check the heater rating in kilowatts (kW). The higher the nominal power, the more heat is generated, but the cost is proportionally higher. 

 The cost is applied to heaters that are used at the highest level and generate heat throughout the hour. However, the thermostat heater will automatically turn off when the desired room temperature is reached. So, in reality, the cost goes down for hours. 

 Gas Space Heater 

 A gas heater is not as efficient as an electric heater because not all gas is converted to heat indoors (some is lost as exhaust gas, humidity, and light generation). However, the ain gas is about three times cheaper than electricity, so the operating cost is about the same. If you are considering purchasing a gas heater, you must comply with current safety regulations. Some fixed heaters require a smoke outlet or chimney to expel combustion gases and moisture from the house. 


 Electric heating is considerably cheaper than other heat sources. They help reduce your electricity bill and the purchase price of electric heaters is cheap. The electric heater is very easy to use. Just plug it in and turn it on. Electric heaters are very safe to use. Most electric heaters are equipped with these two safeguards.

 The electric heater is very portable. The heater is lightweight and easy to carry. Due to its small size, the electric heater can be installed in any room. The heater can be placed in the smallest room in the house, such as a small room, bathroom or kitchen.