Few Different Types of Drywall Damage Services For Repairing


As a homeowner, often you may feel elated for owning a property, but also at the same time you face a few challenging experiences. You need to take responsibility to keep your home fully maintained.

Drywall maintenance is also an important part of your upkeeping activity. There can be a chance that you have moved into your new house and suddenly found a few residual cracks left by the previous owner. Quite possibly your basement was flooded recently and you may need an urgent repair of your drywall, or there may be a water damage mark on your ceiling.

So, there can be many different types of damages to your drywall and for that, you may need to call any patching company in Mississauga like Patchboyz who has the required expertise in getting your damaged drywall restored on time.

Let us know here a few of the common drywall repairs for that you need to call any contractors or repair professionals.

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  • Furniture marks

While moving into your new home, often you could find scuffs and various marks on your walls that most likely may come from your furniture, that was placed very close to your wall when your previous owners were staying there. Even this can happen to you while moving your furniture around.

  • Door holes

Such holes may come in the drywall coming from door handles if you open your door too hard. Your door handles may leave a hole or dent in the wall, damages that are very difficult to avoid.

  • Water damage

Such water damage may come from either leaking roof or because of damaged plumbing. The moment you notice discolored drywall, then you must act fast to locate the leak and also stop it. The more you wait the worse your damage will be.

  • Tile removal damage

When tiles are newly applied, it offers a fantastic look, but eventually, you may have to replace them, for updating the look of the kitchen or bathroom. However, if they are not properly removed, they may take drywall pieces with them.

  • Nail holes

Most homeowners try to hang pictures and many other items on the walls and as long as it remains there it’s fine. However, later if they decide to move the pictures to some other location then the holes are visible.

  • Termite damage

If you fail to spot them quickly then termites can be your nightmare. Termites can eat away your drywall and cause different issues that are:

  • Pinholes on the walls
  • When you knock get hollow-sounding walls 
  • Crumbling baseboards
  • Paint gets peeled away from your walls
  • Cracks

Never ignore cracks on your drywall.  They can create several different problems in your home. Often it may lead to the foundation shifting.

  • Normal wear and tear

There can be many reasons like from kids mischievous activities to door handles getting hit on the wall and your drywall may experience the repercussions.

Whether you have found a hairline crack or spotted water impairment on the roof, repairing your damaged drywall quickly will be key to maintain the integrity of the house.