Few Useful Ideas for a Cheaper Bathroom Refurbishment Project


Bathroom renovation can burn a hole in the pocket of people having an average income. They need to plan the renovation project wisely so that it can be accomplished within a limited budget. An expert architect or interior designer can help in planning pocket-friendly and yet grand bathroom refurbishment Toowoomba for his/her clients. Thus, the renovation of an old bathroom is not out of the reach of common house owners of this city.

Place a nice mirror – The placement of a mirror with an ornamented frame is effective in rendering a spacious and bright look to the bathroom. The shape and the size of this mirror depend on the architectural style of the bathroom and the space available for mounting it. This mirror can be screwed or simply glued to the wall, preferably over the washbasin.

Use small fancy items – A bathroom with a simple design can be beautified by adding some low-cost bathroom accessories. The purchase of a soap dish, toothbrush holder, bathroom tumbler, or soap dispenser of unique designs may add to the elegance of the bathroom. However, the colours of all these items should match the colour scheme used for bathroom refurbishment Toowoomba.

Install a wooden shelf – A shelf made of ordinary plywood or metal can be painted with a bold colour and fixed on a free wall of the bathroom. Users can keep their toiletries on this shelf, which they need to use every day. If there is enough dry space in a bathroom, the shelf can simply stand on the floor, saving the installation cost and effort.

Use a bright shower curtain – Since a shower screen of glass may be expensive, it is best to buy a shower curtain of any bright colour and pattern, matching with the rest of the bathroom. This shower screen may be made of cotton or hemp, guarded by a plastic or polythene liner to save it from the splashes of water. House owners may also consider setting up shower blinds as a part of their projects of bathroom refurbishment Toowoomba.

Install unique lighting system – A bathroom should have adequate light and the use of unique lighting can cheer up the ambiance. There is no need of buying expensive lighting fixtures, as a simple lighting system fulfils the purpose. A house owner can find unique lights from a thrift store rather than a showroom displaying lights from famous brands.

The bathroom can be further refreshed by placing an indoor plant on the window sill or simply over the shelf. A house owner can also cut off a branch from a plant of his/her garden and place it in the bathroom, to make the bathroom refurbishment Toowoomba cheaper.