Give A Complete Makeover to Your Walls Without Painting


You cannot deny that painting the wall is not a cost-efficient solution for changing the look of your walls. You can employ different methods to decorate the walls. Most of them cost much less than applying wall paints. Moreover, a trouble-free process hardly takes up a couple of hours. Let us check your options –

Use Wallpapers to Change Your Dull Walls

The Wallberry Introduces new and trendy peel and stick wallpapers which can be a great addition to your walls. You can order the exact number of rolls after measuring the walls. Once you stick it, you do not have to worry about it peeling off the wall. The original wall colour does not shine through these high-quality and opaque materials. You can even customize your wallpapers. They use UV ink for every print.

Wallpapers can come in hundreds of styles, designs, and colours. You can choose your favourite one that would enhance the beauty of the wall.

Peel and Stick Stickers

Just like wallpapers, there are varieties of wall stickers or decals in the market. You can experiment with small stickers and create your unique design. It would hardly need any preparation or planning.

Masking Tape Patterns

If you are wondering self adhesive wallpapers and stickers are the only solutions, it is not. You can make repetitive patterns with a few rolls of masking tapes. Think about the negligible cost and the desired effect. You can say that it is one of the cheapest tricks of decorating your wall. When you want to change the pattern, the tapes come off cleanly and do not damage the wall surface.

Tapestries and Fabric Wall Art

You can either buy or create a DIY tapestry. It looks excellent over a blank wall or of contrasting colours. Fabric wall art is also one of the popular choices of wall decoration. You can give a similar effect with art deco peel and stick wallpapers, but the clothing and fabric add texture and dimension.

Designer Shelves

Stylish shelves can act as amazing wall décor. You can use these shelves to display your collectables, artworks, or other decorative items. You can even put small indoor plants or succulents on the shelves. Creative floating wall shelves can be a good idea for any lifeless wall.

Folding Screens of Different Styles

Folding screens are very convenient as you can move them for making a partition and then again reset it back as wall decoration. They come in so many designs. However, they will not be covering the whole wall. Therefore, you can complement it with boho peel and stick wallpapers.

Make A Photo Gallery

You can work wonders with hanging photo arrangement ideas. You can think of a particular shape and arrange the photo frame accordingly. You can create a family photo gallery or display your favourite artists or personalities. The theme of your picture can be anything you like.

You can combine one or more ideas to bring more effect. However, keep in mind that it should not be overwhelming.