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Granite colors you need to choose for your countertop

Granite colors you need to choose for your countertop

If you want to renovate your kitchen and bathroom with countertops, you must consider the color. Every year, there are some amount of trending colors that tend to take the highest position in the market. These granite colors keep trending in the market for a significant time. Also, you need to be careful with the color of the countertop you choose for your house. 

Some of the prominent granite countertop colors that have found a significant place in the world today include the following

  • Dallas White Granite

Having a mix of lavender and grey tones, the Dallas White Granite is surely one of the best choices to make. If you want a shade of white around your kitchen, then you should surely be choosing this for your house. Also, one very splendid characteristic of this color is that it has shades of cream and brown in it, making it look like cookie cream. 

The installation of Dallas White Granite in your house is sure to catch attention. It is the perfect option if you want a subtle color that is neither too dark nor too light. Also, it can rightly serve the purpose of neutral colors, making it a perfect fit for your house. 

  • Blue Pearl Granite

If you want dark granite for your kitchen, then nothing can be more splendid than this one. This extraordinary color has the shine and subtleness that will surpass your expectations. This granite has a perfect mix of different colors, such as blue, black, and gray. Although they may seem similar, these colors are very much distinct from each other. If you want to put up a statement around your house, you should surely be installing this granite. 

  • Black pearl granite

Giving tough competition to the blue pearl granite is the black pearl granite. Unlike blue pearl granite, this granite has a number of other colors, too such as green, brown, silver, and gold. However, it will be hard to differentiate the colors. Black pearl granite can make your kitchen look alive. 

  • New Vatican Gold Granite

It is still hard to figure out why this granite is called so, but then it looks a perfect mix of sweet-honey color. It has shades of white and black flecks. The New Vatican Gold Granite is the perfect material to be installed around the bathroom and kitchen. The Comptoir de Granite, if maintained in a proper way, can last for a long time. 


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