Great Swimming Pool Building Solutions in the Right Pattern


Building a swimming pool involves a certain amount of work, a certain budget, and a certain personal investment. To be sure that everything goes well, it is therefore essential to choose a good pool builder. Here are tips to achieve this.

Check That It Is Part of the FPP

When you are a pool specialist, joining the FFP (Federation of Pool Professionals) is not compulsory. But the service providers who are part of it have all signed the contract, which commits them, from both a moral and professional point of view, to providing their customers with adapted, quality services, and which complies with the standards and regulations in force. What to be reassured.

Trust the Labels

Finding a professional who has a swimming pool diploma is the basics. But you should know that there are labels which guarantee the value and the quality of the achievements of the swimming pool specialists. For example, the Qualipool (which attests to the professional’s competence), ProPiscines (the FPP’s commitment mark) or Certipool (which values ​​the services provided by this pool specialist) labels. Choosing the new smyrna beach pool builders is the perfect consideration in this case.

Find Out About Your Financial Situation

If you don’t and your pool specialist goes bankrupt or files for bankruptcy in the middle of the construction site, you will end up with an unfinished swimming pool in the garden. And even if remedies are possible in this case, it is frankly a situation that we prefer to avoid.

Check Your References

To be sure that you can trust a swimming pool specialist, do not hesitate to ask him for references concerning his previous work, if he has already built swimming pools in our area, as well as photos of his former achievements. The more swimming pools the company has built, the older it is and the more established it is in the region, the better.

Be Sure That It Provides an After-Sales Service

Thus, in the event of a pool malfunction, we will know where to turn. It can be useful to ask the average intervention times of the after-sales service especially in summer.

Make Sure That It Offers a Ten-Year Guarantee

Thanks to the ten-year guarantee, the pool specialist guarantees the problems and defects of swimming pool for 10 years. Please note: this guarantee must be covered by insurance. And concerning the parts (swimming pool pump, etc.), the guarantee must be 1 or 2 years minimum.

Ask Him for His Average Response Times

A pool specialist you can trust is not just a pool specialist who builds a quality pool. He is also a professional capable of finishing a swimming pool and its fittings within a reasonable timeframe.

See If He Agrees To Provide Contact Details of Former Clients

To have 100% reliable information concerning deadlines, the quality of the work, the way in which the pool specialist treats his customers, any problems during the site, the conformity between the request and the finished product, there is no better. If the pool specialist is serious and reliable, he will accept it without any problem. Otherwise, the web can provide us with this type of information, via the pool specialist’s site or consumer forums.