When to start the works for pool construction?


If you want to have the pool in operation by the end of spring or the beginning of summer, we advise you to start the works in the coming winter months. Do not leave it to the last minute as the pool construction companies are saturated with work and prices are usually higher in the summer. With the help of this guide you will be able to ask the pool designer the pertinent questions and you will be able to know if it is a company that knows what it does.

Pool measurements –

Obviously it depends on the space you have for it. Today you can build the pool you want. To give you an idea, the private pools range from 5 x 3 meters to 10 x 5 meters. Regarding depth, currently it is usually between 1.00 and 1.70 meters. You have to bear in mind that an excessive depth entails a greater cost in water, electricity and chemical products.

What type of coating do I use?

The coating is important from an aesthetic point of view, since the color of the coating depends on the tone of the water. Lighter colors are usually more attractive but more difficult to keep clean. If you have a manual pool cleaner, we recommend that you opt for a dark coating (navy blue, dark green, stone effect, etc.). Keep in mind that a dark coating tends to age more easily, since the sun, chlorine and the wind deteriorate them faster. If you have an electric pool cleaner or hydraulic that does the work for you, we recommend lighter tones, such as sand, white, turquoise and the like. These colors have been shown to aid in better relaxation in bathers and have now become very fashionable in spas and resorts. The most commonly used coatings today are tile and liner or reinforced sheet.

Water purification –

One of the essential elements for the maintenance of the pool is the treatment and care of the water. The one in charge of keeping the water clean is the purifier. Pool chemicals are used to kill bacteria and prevent algae growth. As an alternative to chlorine, you can use saline chlorination. Saline chlorination has a higher cost at the beginning, but its maintenance is less and in the long run cheaper than the use of chlorine.

Price: the most important aspect –

It is probably the data that interests you the most, although we cannot give you a fixed price. There are infinite possibilities and variants when it comes to building a swimming pool, so its cost is variable. If it is a Gunite pool, it can cost you a high amount. On the other hand, if it is liner or fiberglass swimming pool, the price would be much cheaper. Although it may seem more expensive, it is better to always turn to specialized professionals.

We hope that with this article we have helped you a little more when it comes to telling you about the construction of your pool. Never rely on cheaper materials and make the base waterproof with high quality products.