Health Hazards That Calls Your Basement Home


Many homeowners pay less attention to the basement. It is one of the least used rooms in most apartments in the country. The basement is often damp, lacks proper ventilation, and a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. As a result, property owners seldom use the basement. But do you know that mold remediation services Lakewood CO can give your basement a complete makeover? Yes, they will get rid of mold and other harmful bacteria lurking around the basement. Here are some of the health hazards commonly found in this utility room


Most basements are always dark and damp, which is precisely a perfect condition for mold to grow and multiply. It doesn’t matter the type of mold it can lead to respiratory problems. Prolonged exposure to mold growth in the home isn’t good for your health, especially for kids, the aged, and those with underlying health conditions. Symptoms of mold include skin irritation, coughing, excessive sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and many more. Those suffering from allergic reactions will suffer more intense health complications including breathlessness and chest tightness. 

Getting rid of mold is never an easy affair. No matter the size of the mold growth, endeavor to reach out to professional mold remediation services Lakewood CO. Mold remediation involves total eradication of mold from the home and this can be done by professionals. To get rid of mold in the home, an expert mold remediation company will find lasting solution to the root cause of the problem. Major causes of damp basement include leaky pipes, cracks in the foundation, or flood. 

Inadequate Venting Area

The basement can serve a wide range of purposes other than the utility rooms. One of the common uses of a basement is the laundry room. A laundry room requires a standard venting system to get the most out of it. There are only a few basement laundry rooms that meet this condition. Instead of running a vent pipe from the basement to the outdoors, some homeowners opt to outfit the dryer with a device that catches lint and then circulates warm air from the dryer throughout the basement. The dryer produces harmful chemicals that stem from laundry detergents. This impacts the air quality in the home, ultimately resulting in respiratory issues. If you spend any time in your basement, have your dryer vented to the outside of your house. 

Improper Ventilation

Does your basement produce an awful smell? A stuffy basement could be a result of mold growth and/or poor ventilation. Unpleasant odor caused by mold growth can be tackled by professional mold remediation services Lakewood CO. Also, the ventilation system needs to be checked and addressed. However, the good news is that the stuffy smell won’t affect other living spaces upstairs. But if you spend quality time in the basement, the ventilation should be fixed. Otherwise, it could lead to respiratory issues. Open the windows frequently to allow for fresh air. 

Mold remediation services can manage mold-related issues as quickly as possible.