Here are five benefits of granite countertops

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Updating your kitchen’s countertops is one of the best ways to update its look. The fact that an updated kitchen adds value to your home is something you probably didn’t know. It may be a good idea to update your kitchen before selling your home if you plan on putting it on the market soon. Your kitchen will be enhanced and your home will be more valuable with granite countertops! You can find more information at

Granite Countertops: Five Benefits

Natural stones such as granite are among the hardest materials on earth. The use of granite countertops in your kitchen is often a reflection of sophistication and luxury. You can benefit from granite countertops in your kitchen in the following ways.

1. Chip- and scratch-resistant

Granite countertops are durable, so they resist chips and scratches under normal use, which makes them a great choice for kitchens. The second hardest material in the world is granite, just behind diamonds. Nevertheless, you should use a cutting board when dicing, chopping, and slicing foods since sharp knives and cleavers may damage the granite. It is possible to install granite countertops for decades if they are properly installed.

2. Affordable

Do you ever wonder why granite countertops are so popular? They are affordable in part because of their high quality. A square foot of flooring can cost anywhere from $40 to $200, including installation fees. It is because of the thickness of the slab and the resulting cost of installation that the price varies. Slabs with a thicker thickness will be more costly to install.

Installing granite tiles on your countertop may be an option if you want the benefits of granite without breaking the bank. Find out how granite can update your kitchen countertops by talking to a professional at American Marble & Granite!

The affordability of granite is further enhanced when you consider the investment you’re making. Granite countertops have a life expectancy of at least thirty years (some last even longer)!

3. Heat Resistant

The heat resistance of granite countertops is another benefit. Since granite is naturally formed by pressure and heat, granite countertops are heat-resistant. You can even place a hot pot or pan on your granite countertops without scorching them, but we recommend using pot holders.

4. Stain Resistant

When properly sealed, granite countertops are heat resistant and stain resistant. The porous nature of granite makes it susceptible to staining by alkalis and acids. Nevertheless, if you apply a proper sealant to your granite countertops once a year, they will remain stain-resistant. Spills of liquids and food should still be cleaned immediately with water and a mild detergent (such as a natural cleaner or a small amount of soap). A plastic scraper can be used to gently scrape off spills that have dried on the counter top. If you are having granite countertops installed, ask the installation expert what type of sealant you should apply annually.

5. Unique

The granite you choose will be unique, so no one else will have the same countertops as you. We are American Marble & Granite, a company that specializes in building natural surfaces for your home. Get started today! Granite slabs can be chosen based on which granite slab will work best for your granite kitchen countertops. Sealing granite countertops will add a touch of class to your kitchen! Granite is a popular choice, and its natural pattern will set your kitchen apart from the rest!