Home Improvements That Sell A House Quickly For A Higher Price

There are several inexpensive home improvements that can sell my home gilbert az quickly for a higher price. All those small repairs that you have ignored will seem like glaring problems once the home is on the market. Undertaking repairs may seem daunting but they can translate to serious money on closing day.

Home improvements that can yield high returns

New coat of paint – One of the most affordable home improvements with the highest rate of return is a new coat of paint. Painting the walls in neutral colour can give the home an instant facelift. However, according to trained professionals in interior design, the choice of paint colour must depend on lighting as well as some features like furniture and flooring. Remember that your taste in colour won’t matter because it is the buyer’s attention that you are trying to gain.

Landscaping – Beautiful landscaped gardens tend to gain a lot of attention. However, professional landscaping can be pretty expensive. A better option is to roll up your sleeves and do the job of mowing the grass. To add colour, invest in bright and cheery annual flowers from the local garden shop. You can plant them in pots or directly on the ground around the house. Your front door will look more welcoming if you put some potted plants along the steps.

Flooring – There is nothing more disappointing to a potential buyer than worn-out and discoloured areas on the hardwood floor or signs of stains and moulds on the carpets. According to Zillow, 26% of homeowners replace the carpet or repair flooring to stage the house. However, new flooring can be expensive. If you cannot upgrade the floor, a new carpet can be a good selling point. Another option is to have the carpet or the floor professionally cleaned. A pretty area rug will make water stains less noticeable.

Bathroom upgrade – A mid-range bathroom upgrade offers great returns on the investment. New countertops, tiles, glass doors for the shower, new cabinets and fixtures can quickly change the ambiance of the bathroom. If a bathroom upgrade is too expensive, a good option will be to paint the cabinets in neutral colours. Refinishing the tub can also preserve the design that adds character to the room.

Updating lighting fixtures – It is very rare to find a buyer that prefers a dark and gloomy house. Replacing the lighting fixtures can make a strong impact when it comes to improving the interior’s appearance. There are different kinds of lighting fixtures to choose from like chandeliers, pendant lights and ceiling lights. However, chandeliers can run to a few thousand dollars depending on source and style. Look for the good deals that will allow you to highlight the room and make the buyer imagine what he likes to do with the space.

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