Home maintenance checklist — all 4 seasons


East or west, home is best. Our homes are precious to us, which is why we need to take good care of them. Therefore, we have devised the perfect to-do list to take care of your home. Though every home is different, these general must-dos will help maintain the outlook and overall state of your home as the years go by.

Note that the tasks are categorised into seasons, to make sure that you apply the right maintenance tactic according to the weather. Even though the lists are not exhaustive, they will still save you from unnecessary repairs and costs in the long run.

1. Spring

  • Assess the roof for any cracks, water dams, moss, or any damages sustained during winter.
  • As the sun begins to show, now is the right time to clean your windows. You should also inspect the frames, and if they have started rotting, use a patch repair to prevent extensive rotting.
  • Turn down your thermostat as temperatures are higher than before.
  • Put all the winter items away, and if you have any items for spring, bring them out. All disposable items should be carefully sorted and discarded accordingly.
  • If you have timber flooring, most likely your house will also have air bricks to allow air circulation below. Assess their condition to ensure that they are not blocked. If they are, your timber flooring is at risk from moisture damage.
  • Winter is a tricky time due to moisture damage from ice. Assess all outdoor structures to ensure that they are intact. You could also look for local services to help with repairs.

2. Summer

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time for some family fun and outdoor adventure. With that in mind, here are some home maintenance activities:

  • Clean all your patios, veranda, and terraces to get ready for some outdoor relaxation.
  • Repaint and apply a new topcoat on all exterior woodwork such as fences, decks, fascias, window frames, and doors. Repainting should be done when the weather is warm, and in the presence of a swift breeze since this hastens the drying process, and takes away the smell of paint.
  • Attend to the landscaping. Mow the lawn, prune the shrubs, employ some tree culture, and trim the climbing plants. This makes your home summer-friendly and reduces the need for watering during hot summer days.
  • Service your boiler.

3. Autumn

Your maintenance checklist involves saying goodbye to the hot days and readying yourself for some chilly wet days. As such, here are some activities:

  • Clean and store your outdoor parasols, garden furniture, and any other vulnerable items that could be damaged by the cold temperatures and ice.
  • Sweep your chimney and get some wood supplies.
  • Flat roofed houses should be assessed for damage and potential for sitting water.
  • Clear out fallen leaves to prevent moisture buildup around your house, and do a thorough job on the drainage channels and gutters to prevent clogging. Ensure that all drain pipes from gutters are intact and attached to your walls.
  • Bleed radiators so they can be on their best behaviour during winter. If necessary, get help from Electric Heating Expert.

Home Maintenance Checklist — All 4 Seasons.

4. Winter

Winter is a tough time, and perhaps calls for the most commitment when it comes to home maintenance. Here are some essentials:

  • Assess your land for storm damage. Broken trees and branches should be addressed as they could lead to accidents.
  • Regular examination of your roof to prevent cracks, tile damage and ice dams is necessary.
  • Open your windows occasionally to prevent stuffiness.
  • Wipe off condensation from windows to prevent rotting of the window frames.
  • Check your pipes to make sure they are still intact even after winter.

With all this, your home will retain its value both financially and aesthetically for a long time!