How can you maintain the drainage system of your property?


Being a property owner, it’s your liability to maintain the sewage system by keeping it clean like you have to ensure that the normal water supply or the Hot Water recirculating Pump is working perfectly. For maintaining the drainage of your property, you can either call a professional once in a while or can install a few drainage maintenance tools such as a drain guard or chain that prevents the system from getting clogged by pet hair or long human hair. 

Here are some ideas to maintain the drainage system of your property-

Be extra careful with Pets

If you have a furry friend at home, your drainage systems will be at stake sooner or later. Therefore, use the best efforts in maintaining the drainage system if you have a large dog and even more dogs and cats at home. Especially, when you’re giving them a shower make sure you’re covering the drains with a washcloth that can catch the animal hairs during washing them. Use the drain guards and attach those on top of the plug to prevent the unwanted hair and other solid waste from causing blockage to the drains. 

Use your intuition 

If for a couple of days you get the feeling of a bad smell from the drain even after using the products to keep it clean, you can predict that something is wrong. Also, if the drain gets clogged with the waste materials then the water from the sinks or tubs will not pass at the usual pace that it usually does. It’s high time that you must call up a plumber to fix the issue. Buy one of the best high pressure pumps Australia useful for washing cars and cleaning clogged passages as well. 

Maintain the shower and washbasin

Don’t let the drain receive more solid wastes from the shower especially the fallen hair etc. You can use a long metal wire and hand it through the drain which clutches back all the hairs that are responsible for clogging the pipes. If you shower your pet in the washroom, following this idea can be incredible for saving the sewerage systems.