How do you clean an area rug on hardwood floors?     



Area rugs enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house interior, and they also serve as a warm cushioning to protect your feet from cold. They are typically made up of fabrics like wool, synthetic fibers, and even grasses. However, with all the advantages these rugs have to offer, they also attract a lot of dust and dirt. Household accidents may cause your area rugs to become stained as well. Cleaning these rugs may not be easy, and removing specific types of stains can be an ordeal. When your rugs sit on a hardwood floor, you need to be even more careful about rug cleanup.

Things that you need to consider

Before you try cleaning area rugs on a hardwood floor, pay attention to several factors.

  • Frequency of cleaning – Cleaning frequency will depend on where you live and the amount of foot traffic in the house. In a large house with many members, rugs tend to get dusty and dirty pretty fast. The rugs also fall victim to stains and other unsightly marks quicker. If you live in a place where dirt and dust are abundant, the rugs will need cleanup quite frequently.
  • Condition of the rug – If the rug has not been cleaned for long, DIY cleaning will not suffice. Dry cleaning may not be the best method either. You will have to hire a company offering rug cleaning services MariettaFor the best results on area rugs that are really dirty, intensive steam cleaning is required. For cleaning lightly soiled rugs, it may be possible to use a rug brush and household vacuum cleaner.
  • Sanitization – If your house has one or more pets, sanitizing the rugs post-cleanup will be a good idea. Sanitization is also necessary for eliminating bacteria and allergens. For best results, this step is ideally performed by a professional.

Hiring an apt agency

When you have a hardwood floor with area rugs on it, cleanup should be done by a professional agency. Cleaning the dusty and stained rugs is a necessity, but you will not want your expensive wooden floor to be damaged in the process either! Analyze these aspects when selecting an agency for Oriental rug cleaning Marietta:

  • Expertise – You have to check the expertise of the agency. Ask if it offers on-site rug cleanup or not. You should ask about the equipment and particular solutions that are used by the agency. You will want to explore facts about the suitability of the solutions for your area rug. A professional rug cleaner will be able to answer your questions and assure you of success.
  • Rates – Be sure to speak with someone at the agency to find out the details on rug cleanup charges. One price cannot cover all situations. A strong price quote will take into account the size of your rug, its condition, and any additional services requested. In any case, a top and reliable agency will not try to hide costs or engage in short cut cleaning processes.
  • Reviews – Check the website of all agencies to read customer feedback.

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