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How does a Composting Toilet Work?

How does a Composting Toilet Work?


Normal toilets can cause wastage of thousands of gallons of water by a single person over a year. So, developing more environmentally friendly solutions is our pursuit.

Composting toilets are dry toilets to treat human waste by running a biological process over it. Thus, a compost-like material is left in the end.

Let’s take a deeper look into it.

Types of Composting Toilets

There are two different types of composting toilets that you may come across!The first one is a self-contained design that itself contains the whole composting system.

The composting system lies under the bowl. For temporary purposes, like traveling; boats, RVs, buses, and other similar purposes, you can use these composting toilets.

Once it gets filled with waste, the emptying process is usually done by either hand or convenient ideas.

The second type is the central type, which is also called a remote type toilet. In these systems, the waste is directed to some far place.

Thus, a system interconnected makes it possible to direct the waste to remote areas of your property and thus to make a pile of compost.

Both these types are useful, and you can opt according to your needs. In both ways, you are contributing to the environment.


The working of these toilets is often a curiosity.

There is an aerobic bacterium involved in the whole process, and it is about the breaking down of the human waste by the bacteria and then converting it to compost.

It doesn’t matter if you are using any of the above-mentioned types. The thing to remember is to provide the right environment for the waste to get treated by aerobic bacteria.

There are several things to make sure about in this scenario! The right moisture level, temperature, and carbon-nitrogen balance are mandatory.

So, keep these factors in mind if you are going to install this system. If you compromise on these, trust me, the experience won’t be good.

One more thing to keep in mind is about the right moisture level. Remember that you don’t need a wet atmosphere but fairly damp for this process to occur.

Also, about the urine, there are different ideas used, like draining it to somewhere else, creating a container, or processes like these. But it is a must to keep urine away to make the correct carbon-nitrogen balance.

Thus, at a good temperature range, aerobic bacteria do their job, they break the waste into compost, and the problem is solved. Thus, not only the water is saved, but the environment as well.

Wrap Up

Composting toilets are great to not only save the environment but also innovating wisely. Thus, this bacterial action proves to be very useful.

Many people even use smart devices and indicators to keep the environment feasible for composting.

This shows that people are serious about it, and if you agree on this with the thinkers, then you can also shift on this system.

Choose for yourself and choose it wisely.

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