How LCN Door Closers Are The Best In The Market


LCN has been one of the best hardware manufacturers for a long time now. Their door closers, for instance, are known for the premium build quality and sturdiness. If you are looking for something that is stylish and reliable at the same time, LCN door closers are the one for you. Whether you need it for your home or for a commercial purpose, these door closers will do the job for you!

So, with LCN door hardware, you can be at complete peace of mind that your doors will function as you want them to, and you would not have to worry about it being damaged with regular usage. Moreover, you can find plenty of different LCN door closers Park Avenue Locks at competitive prices!

Why LCN Hardware?

LCN, the brand itself speaks quality, design, reliability, and excellent customer service. Their products have dominated the market for a long time now, thanks to the cost-effectiveness and standard installation templates. The aluminium series door closers work exceptionally well for light to medium amounts of usage, making them perfect for offices and homes.

So, if you want the best of the best or  Buy lcn closers Online on sale, get yourself the LCN 1450 Medium Duty Cast Aluminum Series, or the LCN 1250 Light Duty Cast Aluminum Series from Park Avenue Locks at affordable prices!

LCN 4000 Series Door Closers

Although the 1000 series door closers are more affordable, the LCN 4000 series are the real deal, making them the best selling door closers. The LCN 4041 is particularly heavy-duty, versatile, and has a dependable cast-iron body. Moreover, it has a flexible back-check valve that softens the door opening cycle so that there is minimal to none damage to the door’s frame and hinges. Also, once you install it, you don’t have to worry about it for the next few years as it is highly durable!

Apart from the one mentioned above, the 4000 series also includes the following:

  • LCN 4040XP door closer: This door closer is pretty versatile and works fine in the long run. Also, it is perfect for heavy-duty usage and comes with parallel and regular arm options!
  • LCN 4010 door closer: This one comes with a regular arm and is perfect for doors that handle heavy traffic.
  • LCN 4050 door closer: This commercial door closer is pretty similar to the 4040XP closer, except for the fact that it has an aluminium body instead of the cast iron body.

LCN Automatic Operators

If you want a door closer that is automated, LCN offers that too! These door closers are either electromechanical or electro-hydraulic and can be perfect for single or double door openings. If you prefer the automated door closers, you can choose any one from the LCN 4600 series or the LCN 9500 series.


In a nutshell, if you want something that will last you a long time and work like a charm, LCN door closers are the best possible option for you. So, go get yourself LCN door closers by Park Avenue Locks at an extremely affordable price right now!