How Long Does it Take to Recover from Mold Exposure



Many people would like to know how long it will take to recover from mold exposure. Recovery time from mold exposure depends on many factors, with the most relevant being the unique human body composition. While it may take someone 2 days to recover from mold exposure, another person might need at least a week to recover from the same mold exposure. Mold remediation services Miami FL will limit your exposure to these harmful bacteria. Their cleaning method is unmatched with a guarantee of eliminating any reoccurrence of mold growth in the home. 

There are three main factors that determine the recovery time for those exposed to mold growth.

  1. Time Length of Mold Exposure

How long have you been exposed to mold growth? If you’ve been living together with mold in your home for years, you are likely to have more mold toxins in your system for longer. This can take the form of fungus balls in your sinuses. Prolonged mold exposure allows the fungi to find solace and breed in and around the organs of the body. 

The time it takes to eliminate mold from the body depends on the amount of mold present. To stop symptoms, you will need a highly effective anti-fungal to remove the problem. If you’ve been exposed to mold for more than a year, it may take about the same time to recover from mold exposure. And this is only the case on the basis that you’ve reached out to mold remediation services Miami FL to complete the elimination of mold growth in the home. If you keep living in a mold-infested area, you will only succeed in reducing the symptoms. 

  1. Sensitivity Level

Another factor that may determine how long you might need to recover from mold is your body’s degree of sensitivity to mold. Chances of exposure to mold growth are high. You can find mold spores everywhere. Mold comes into your home or office each time you open the door or windows. Kids and older people get affected the most due to their high sensitivity levels. 

  1. Mold Type

Another factor that will determine your recovery time is the mold type. There are basically two types of mold on the market including poisonous and non-poisonous.

Most mold types do not affect the immune system badly. However, they can be a major threat to people suffering from allergies. For these people, mold creates a vicious cycle of infection. At a very advanced stage, these infections can impact the pituitary gland negatively. 

Exposure to the poisonous type of mold will require a longer recovery time. Mold types that fall into these categories produce toxins known as mycotoxins. The body absorbs these harmful toxins immediately after exposure. This makes mold elimination from the body a lot difficult. Prolonged exposure to mycotoxin will make the cellular activity perform abnormally. These types of mold are mostly found in damp areas like the basement. In extreme cases, you might have different types of poisonous mold breeding together in the same place.