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How To Choose The Right Timber For Your Sash Windows?

How To Choose The Right Timber For Your Sash Windows?

Traditional sash windows are a beautiful thing to behold, they add that certain elegant quality to a property that can make it stand out, make a cosy, comfortable home for you and your family and are also a great advert for sustainability and energy efficiency, especially when timber sash style windows are in place. For many homeowners looking to either replace or repair their sash windows though, there is a question of what material is best used when creating the windows. Wood is always a great option, the perfect option we would say, but do you have to consider different types of timber when installing sash windows or will any type of timber do the job?

In reality, it doesn’t matter too much what type of timber you choose when installing brand-new sash windows at your property, or if you are repairing and upgrading your sash windows. What we would always say is that we would advise that you choose timber as the material, for a number of reasons, but when it comes to the type of timber, it is really down to your personal preference. Hardwood and softwood sash windows both have benefits that are hard to ignore, they are both durable, robust, energy efficient and add to the elegance of your beautiful sash window frames.

If you are in a dilemma over whether to choose hardwood or softwood for your sash windows, it can be difficult. Here are the main reasons why people make the choices they do regarding the type of timber used on a sash window project:

Softwood sash windows

Softwood is a much easier material to work with generally when putting together doors and windows. The crafting process is a very particular one and especially where intricate design is required for period features being restored or imitated, a softwood timber can make all the difference. On an environmental note, softwood timber is very friendly, the trees take less time to grow, and the wood dries out over a faster timeframe, meaning less energy is needed to transport and process the material and the trees can be regrown quicker. Because of all of this, softwood tends to be the cheaper option too when assessing your choice of timber for sash windows.

Hardwood sash windows

For some homeowners and developers though, hardwood is the right choice to make. There are some good reasons to make this choice instead of softwood timber sash windows. Primarily you see hardwood chosen for those projects where there is a need to match new window frames to existing hardwood frames. If you are only changing some windows within a property you have to match the existing windows as closely as possible. The appearance of the woodgrain is also more desirable to some people, though this isn’t as important on a painted sash window as it would be in other cases. In terms of fire resistance and durability, hardwood wins out, the density is much higher, and it will last for many years.

Whatever type of timber you decide for the traditional sash window installation at your property, make sure that you work with a proven, expert supplier of sash windows. They will have the expertise and experience to help you make the correct choice of sash window, right down to the type of timber you wish to use on the job. There are a few different options available to you and it is important that you make the right choice for your specific building type, location and needs. Sash windows can add a layer of sophistication to a property, making it spectacular, and with the right materials used it can elevate it to the next level.

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