How to choose your Carpet?

Because it sits in the middle of our rooms, the carpet is often a centerpiece of our decoration! As a living room rug or bedroom rug, it dresses our floors while giving a real orientation to our decor. To make the best choice for this essential ally for any interior, here are our tips before buying.

Why change the carpet or buy a carpet?

Is your carpet starting to be damaged or its colors no longer trendy? Are you changing your decoration and want to give your rooms a whole new style? It’s time to change your carpet. Indeed, all interior designers will tell you, in decoration, consistency is key, so a bad association of too strong patterns would not be welcome. Whether it is a bedroom rug or a living room rug, remember that the rug is too important a decorative element to be overlooked. You can visit for the best results.


The primary function of the rug is of course comfort. Besides the fact that it protects our floors, it warms a room while allowing us to keep our feet warm! For maximized comfort, 100% wool rugs and shaggy rugs are ideal. Their softness and softness are incomparable.


If the volume of your rooms changes, then your old carpet may become too big or too small for your new interior. It is therefore strongly recommended to adapt the size of your carpet to the size of your rooms to avoid giving a bad appreciation of the volume of the room. Too large a rug will make the room look small.


Depending on your desires or your needs, you can also opt for different shapes of rugs. Thus there are rectangular and long corridor rugs to dress up these passage spaces while warming them and protecting your floors but also round rugs, ideal for small rooms or to accentuate the cozy side of a room. The round shapes have, in fact, a connotation of softness and calm.Among all the kinds of rugs available to us, it is often difficult to make a choice.

Natural materials:

Rugs can be made from natural materials such as wool, bamboo or cotton. Wool rugs provide you with comfort and warmth while being a wear-resistant and little messy material. Bamboo rugs are very durable and easy to maintain. In addition, bamboo is an ecological material! Cotton rugs, in addition to their natural appearance, are dirt-resistant and easy to maintain.

Synthetic materials:

Very easy to maintain, synthetic rugs come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Polypropylene, acrylic or polyester are very easy to maintain materials, they are antistatic, resistant to dirt and easy to clean. It is the ideal ally of homes with children: do not hesitate to put a rug under your dining table or in front of your sofa.

Density and finishes

Two other criteria can enter in the choice of your carpet, the density of its composition and the finishes. In fact, the denser a carpet, the softer and more comfortable it will be. The finishes are also very important because they bring finesse to your carpet. The fringes of Berber rugs, for example, give them an incomparable style. Some cotton rugs are hand woven for greater quality. Tufting is also a weaving process that gives a great quality to your carpet.