How to Decorate and Design a Guest Bedroom

How to Decorate and Design a Guest Bedroom

When family and friends come to visit, having a guest bedroom can help them feel more relaxed and out of your way. Instead of using your guest bedroom for storage, create an oasis for your visitors so that they can feel at home while spending the night in someone else’s house. Here’s how you can decorate and design a guest bedroom that your friends and family will want to stay in.


The best guest rooms are inviting and decluttered. If you’ve been using your guest bedroom for storage, you must organize it so that your guests can feel comfortable. If you absolutely cannot take the things you’re storing in that room out and put them somewhere else, then organization is your best bet for creating a great guest room.

Under the bed is a great place to hide items like clothing, shoes, and more. Underbed storage can help you declutter a room without necessarily removing any of the items in it, hiding your belongings from your guests, and improving the space.

Create a Restful Space

Your guest will mostly be using your guest room for sleep, but they’ll also want to escape there when they’re overwhelmed by other activities or to have a few moments of downtime to themselves.

The guest room should be a space that promotes rest, relaxation, and, most importantly, sleep. Choosing the right mattress is key for making your guests feel comfortable every night.

According to Layla Sleep’s Memory Foam Mattress Guide, “ […] not all memory foam mattresses are created equally.”

This means that you’ll have to choose the right type of memory foam mattress for your guests. While you can find memory foam mattresses that are cheap, they’re likely not made of quality materials and will deteriorate over time, causing an uncomfortable situation for your guests.

It’s also important to remember that while you might like a firmer bed, your guests may not. Consider the person or people most likely to enjoy time in your guest room and try to decide on the best mattress for them.

Add Furniture

Decorate and Design a Guest Bedroom

The best guest rooms have the right furniture, including a desk or a place to sit, a dresser to store clothing, and even a headboard. Adding these items can give your guests the freedom to use the guest room for more than just sleep, making their stay with you more comfortable.

When your guests have to spend hours in common spaces around the house, they may feel uncomfortable or like they’re imposing on you. Giving them something as simple as a desk can give them another space to hang out in so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

Similarly, a chair can give your guest another place to rest without having to get in bed so that they can read their favorite book or catch up on their favorite show without feeling like taking a nap.

Improve Coziness

Most guest rooms aren’t cozy for the people who spend their nights there because the guests aren’t surrounded by their own things. Increasing coziness can help your guests sleep better in an unfamiliar environment so that they can better enjoy the time you spend together. You can increase coziness in the guest room with quality curtains that get rid of drafts while making the room feel homier.

You can also improve coziness by changing the wall colors for a more relaxing color. You may also choose to design the walls with peel and stick wallpaper so that your guest room feels less like a guest room and more like a hotel.

Add a Mirror

Make sure that your guest bedroom has at least one full-sized mirror so that your guests can evaluate their look and outfits before leaving their room for the day. This will allow them to feel more comfortable since they won’t have to run to the bathroom to check how they look. Your guest will appreciate having access to a mirror while living out of their suitcase.

Not only that, but mirrors make rooms appear larger so that you can make your guest feel like they have more space.

Now that you have all of the tips on how to decorate and design a guest bedroom, put them to use so your guests can come over sooner.