How to Design A Room Around a Wallpaper Accent Wall?


Wallpaper is a superb tool that can load a big visual punch. It’s readily available in a relatively never-ending selection of patterns, colors, as well as structures, and depending on what you pick, it can be either strong and large, soft or strong, as well as subtle. What’s also terrific about sticker wallpaper is that it can be utilized in many different ways. If you wish to integrate wallpaper yet aren’t sure how, after that think about among these nine suggestions.

  • Cover the Walls

The most timeless use of wallpaper is to cover all the walls in a space. The trick to making its job is to get rid of the memories of the 1970s garish patterns as well as 1980s delicate florals and assume in terms of modern patterns, colors, as well as styles. In certain rooms, a vibrant, visuals paper can look wonderful covering all the wall surfaces, while in other areas a simple pattern or appearance can produce refined interest.

  • Cover Fifty Percent the Wall Surface

Covering either the lower or leading fifty percent of a wall with wallpaper is a fantastic way to get the look without frustrating the area. Preferably, different the papered as well as non-papered halves with a few times of building molding like a chair rail. This is a different look and was popular in years past, yet it still appears regularly in areas that lean towards conventional styles. An especially preferred technique is to cover the top fifty percent of the wall with paper as well as have paneling on the bottom half. It’s a very classic look that will never head out of style.

  • Install Two Papers on One Wall

 A really interesting and vibrant appearance includes covering the leading fifty percent of a wall with one paper and the lower fifty percent with one more. Again, it’s finest to divide them using chair rail. This is a difficult want to carry out yet when done right, it can look amazing. If you want something solid, think about contrasting patterns like toile and stripes, or damask and chevron in strong colors. For something more refined, try to find tone-on-tone patterns as well as keep them easy, as well as similar in theme. Since this is a strong look, beware concerning what various other colors as well as patterns you place in the room. All the patterns need to match as opposed to battle with each other.