How to Do Insulation Removal for Your Attic

Removal for Your Attic

Attic insulation removal is frequently a vital first step in readying your house to be correctly insulated. Rats infestations and water damage are only a couple of reasons why old insulation might require to be taken away before installing new insulation. Fall is an excellent time to eventually take away and clean out the old insulation from your attic.

Insulation removal of an attic might appear intimidating, nearly ominous, but with the correct preparation, instruments, and perhaps even expert assistance you can take away your insulation with comfort. In this article, we will discuss a detailed process of attic insulation removal.

When Do You Require Attic Insulation Removal?

As a house owner, you might be thinking at what point you require the service of removal of your attic insulation. There are a few significant symptoms that your insulation is no longer operative as designed. Insulation that is dropping out from between the floor joists or lying on the floor is either a symptom of a moisture problem or not proper installation.

In addition, if your insulation is damp or weird-looking, it has lost its capability to stop thermal transfer which will cause higher energy costs. Contraction is the rival of attic insulation. The insulation in your attic will contract gradually.

In addition, the air pockets blended in with the insulation deliver most of the R-value of your attic insulation. Creatures can contribute to bad insulation quality as well. Rats, squirrels, and raccoon stools can cause health or allergy issues.

How to do Insulation Removal for Your Attic?

It’s suggested to hire an expert to remove your old attic insulation. If you pick the do-it-yourself path, however, here are the steps needed to do the task.

Cellulose Insulation Removal

You will need to take some precaution measures like wearing gloves and a mask to safeguard from cellulose dust coats. Do not ever attempt removing cellulose by hand or other obscure instruments, as it will just cause a big mess all over your house. At least you will require a high-powered 1500 horsepower plus bucket vacuum to have sufficient suction power to take away the insulation.

Before beginning, scatter plastic above furniture and other exposed tools in your living place. In case you do not have a large portion of plastic, you can use a drop cloth. The old cellulose insulation can cause chaos that will make its way into your house and cover every piece of furniture with dirt. You need to ensure that every piece of furniture is secure from dust.

In addition, you will require big bags to keep the removed cellulose. If you are using the waste bag way, you will require numerous bags to keep the cellulose. All bags that you fill with cellulose needs to be correctly compressed to get all the inside air out before fastening it up.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation Removal

Ensure that you have long sleeves, spectacles, and paper masks before you start the attic insulation removal. It is finest to begin at the most distant angle of your attic and roll up the batts, or fold them over when you are rolling.

While you work back to the attic access point, throw the rolled insulation in a big waste bag.  This task can be simple or tough relying on the pitch of your rooftop and how much room is in your attic opening.

How to Remove the Old Attic Insulation

After you remove all the blown-in cellulose or fiberglass insulation out of your attic, the subsequent task is to remove the old insulation. You will most probably have numerous bags of loose insulation lying all over the space. Don’t anticipate your local garbage man will collect it.

You more than probably will need to make a call to your local waste management officer to check if they can collect the insulation materials. In maximum circumstances, you will be required to keep the insulation on-site and pay a big charge. It could be more than hundreds of dollars relying on where you are living.


Insulation removal of the attic can be a chaotic and tedious task. To make your task easy, we have come up with the DIY attic insulation removal process in this article. You can also take the help of an expert insulation company, like Insulation Co, to ensure that the task will be done correctly.