How to estimate the price of a painting job?

Estimating the price of a painting job for the home can be tough for beginners or homeowners. The price has to be reasonable and a win-win situation for the contractor as well as the home owner. Here we have listed out a few things that are considered by Oahu pro painters while estimating your home painting job.

  1. Check the painting site: if you are the owner, you would be aware of the area that you want to get painted. Make sure that you ask the contractor to visit your home before he gives the estimate. This is because visiting the site will give a detailed understanding of the place, condition of the walls, choice of colors, any other repairs needed, etc. you should communicate about the areas that you want to get painted. Whether you just want to paint the walls or the doors, trim and ceiling as well. It should be clear about who would be supplying the paint material and the brand that is preferred. All these would help in estimating the cost.
  2. Check the cost of painting: based on the area and the brand that you choose, the cost of paint can be determined. This is important because the cost of paint can vary from $15 to $80 for a gallon based on its quality. Check with the supplier if you would be getting any discount for the painting contract. Usually, a 1,500 sq ft house would need 10 gallons of paint and you can calculate accordingly.
  3. Check the material costs: if your job is to paint the exterior of the house then you would need some materials for waterproofing as well. This includes materials such as caulking, primer, masking paper, tape, masking plastic, etc. if the damage is more then you would need more caulking and primer. Decide as to who would supply these materials and add up the cost of these products to your painting project.
  4. Check the labor cost: you should ask your contractor about the labor cost which is mostly based on the number of workdays or the area of your home. If you think that you can cut down the cost of the project by just paying the labor cost and buying products on your own, then it is best to enquire about this. Usually, the labor cost would be around $20 for one hour for a single painter. This can vary based on the expertise of the contractor.