How to Freshen Up Your Living Room

Your living room is the most sociable, chilled out zone of your home, so you want to ensure that it’s feeling as comforting and well put together as possible, right? Thought so! Sometimes you just want to add a little extra something to your home, without necessarily redesigning the entire space. By sprucing up here and there, you’ll find that (bit by bit) your home turns into your dream space right before your eyes – without much effort at all, or so it seems. So, if you’re looking for a few touch up ideas to bring something new to the table, then read on. Here’s how to freshen up your living room this season…

Bring in more personality

A really easy means of making your home feel like new without going too overboard with the spending is by simply putting up a few accessories that are personal to you! A gallery wall is a fun way of displaying your family photographs and memories in a minimalistic and artistic fashion. If you’re into the classic or Hamptons vibe, why not treat yourself to a beautifully crafted display cabinet? These are fabulous for putting your memories and trinkets at the front and centre of the room without introducing too much clutter to the space as a whole. A surge of personality is also totally unique, perfect if you want a home that feels like yours and yours alone.

Use storage solutions

Next up, storage. Clearing the space and giving yourself plenty of points to stash stuff in will immediately make your home feel fresher and more comfortable. Look for sneaky storage solutions like blanket boxes, display units and entertainment systems with plenty of drawers to hack your home and get the most out of each of your pieces. A clear space means a clear mind, plus you don’t want to be tripping over a tonne of clutter every time you want to chill out on your couch, right?

Refresh your colour scheme

Adding a pop of colour is a cheap and cheerful way of bringing in a little excitement to your living room. This is so easily done with a couple of throw cushions, some coasters or even by swapping out your rug. Use a bold colour or simply add a new refined hue to make the space feel fresh again. You can even rotate your pop tone to accomodate to the change in seasons – now that’s a serious commitment to interior design if you ever did hear one!

Switch up the lighting

Living room feeling kind of stark and uncomfortable? The issue could be your lighting. Try ditching the overhead spotlights and add a few lamps here and there. This will make the lighting a lot softer and cosier, much better for reading or for switching off whilst you switch on a movie. Choose warm toned lamp shades for a gloriously comfortable and homely living room that you won’t want to leave!

Keep it clear

Finally, clear up the tech stuff. Yes, the living room is all about entertainment and that means plenty of technology, that’s alright. However, what’s not alright is a tonne of clunky tv remotes, consoles and wires wiggling around the place as far as the eye can see. That, dear reader, will make literally any home look a mess. Hide your tech kit in your storage savvy furniture, tape down those wires and tuck remotes away when they’re not in use – you’ll immediately see a very satisfying difference.

Follow these simple steps to transform the feel of your living room today.