How To Move Out Of A Storage Unit



Are you ready to move out your storage unit? Many people think that self-storage units are a temporary solution to storing excess belongings. You might need a self storage broken arrow ok to store your furniture while you remodel your home. Perhaps you needed a temporary storage unit to store your furniture while remodeling your home. No matter the reason, renting a storage unit is expensive. It’s also not financially feasible to keep renting one. The process of moving out should not be difficult if you are ready. Here are the facts about moving out of storage units.

Moving out from a storage unit

Self-storage contracts are often designed for short-term renters. Most self-storage facilities offer contracts on a monthly basis. You won’t need to commit to a 1-year contract. We recommend that you choose a company that offers short term rentals if you are currently searching for self-storage units. This will make it easier to move out.

Self-storage facility move out requirements

These are the move-out information from four of the most well-known self-storage units.

  1. Greenbar Secure StorageGreenbar Secure Storage offers self-storage units for rent on a month-to-month basis, just like other storage facilities. Greenbar Secure Storage also offers an easy move-out service. Customers must give a written or verbal notice of ten days before they can vacate. Customers must also visit the office to complete a vacate form. The company will prorate the final month of rent if you notify them before they receive the last month’s payments. Customers must ensure that the unit is empty and that the lock has been taken out.

Tips to move out of a storage facility

  • Inform the company in advance – Many storage companies require you to either call them or send a formal notice by mail. Self-storage units are rented on a monthly basis. This makes it simple to move out whenever you like. Some storage facilities may not reimburse you for days that you have not used. If you cancel your reservation within the last month, you might still be responsible for the rest of the month.
  • Plan for your stuff. What are you going to do with your belongings? You should have a plan of what goes where. To review the contents of your storage unit, we recommend that you visit it and take photos. You can review the photos once you are home and create a plan for each item.
  • Take a van or truck with you to the storage facility. When it comes time to move out your belongings, ensure that you have enough space in your vehicle to store them. You can rent a pickup truck, a van or a larger truck for the day. is a good place to start looking for truck rental options. You should also have someone to help you load heavy items.
  • Clear out your storage space – Most storage facilities require customers to clear out their storage spaces before they allow them to leave. It is important to make sure all boxes and other items are taken out of the property. Customers may also want to lightly vacuum the area if dirt or other debris is still present.
  • Take out your lock – Most customers use their lock to secure their storage units. This lock should be taken with you wherever you go. Storage facility staff might not be able access your storage unit if you don’t bring this lock.
  • Notify the facility you have left – Many storage facilities require customers to confirm their departure with the property manager or office. We recommend notifying the office immediately after you have moved all your belongings from the storage facility.

Do you need to rent a storage space?

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