How to Paint and Decorate Your Living Room for a Great First Impression


The living room is a significant room in the home for relaxing, entertaining as well as crafting a great environment for family and friends to enjoy. Therefore, it is essential to decorate the room in a way so that it seems inviting. The fastest, as well as the easiest way to transform the room, is to paint the plain and boring walls and adding some decorative pieces.

Ways to Make Your Living Room Impressive

Every homeowner wishes to have an interior design that helps to make a good impression on the guests. Here is a list of ways of decorating a living room that can help you make a killer impression.

Experimenting with Paint

Colours help to brighten the living room as well as drive the decorating process of the room. No matter, whether you like cosy and dark or light and neutral, there is always an amazing shade waiting to be discovered. Here are some amazing living room paint colour ideas that can help you make a good first impression. You can choose them yourself and hire local decorator for help.


Cream is an ideal backdrop for a welcoming living room. It is warmer than white, however still neutral.

Muted Pink

It is a great choice for adding a feminine touch. This shade of pink would blend seamlessly with wood accents and white pieces.

Soft Purple

Lavender walls are great for an eclectic design scheme. Pairing it with deeper purple shades would provide a charming look.

Apart from these, mint green, light grey, warm beige, and light blue are also great choices. These colours act as mood lifters.

Adequate Lighting

Having appropriate colours is not enough, it is essential to have adequate lighting. Apart from natural lighting, having efficiently lit interiors is important. Rather than having one type of artificial light, opting for layering of light is a great way to create a good impression. You can try layering accent lighting, general lighting and task lighting. Moreover, adding heavy lights like heavy pendants, antique lights and chandeliers is also a great idea.

Adding Eye-Catching Shine

Adding the eye-catching shine is also an effective way to enhance the look of your living room. In order to add shine, you can place decorative pieces made of stainless steel or brass, bronze furniture or crystal accessories in your living room. These impressive ideas would leave your guests inspired.

Adding Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is a significant feature that adds up the vibe of any space. While considering an extravagantly decorated space, you might wish to include at least one item that contrasts well with the other furniture items. You can place a bright coloured modern chair with a metal console in front of the wall. It would accentuate the living room. For seating purpose, you can also try adding a centre table and place a few colourful pouffes around.

Along with these, consider going green. Nothing can be more impressive than decoration your living room with the environment-friendly piece. By incorporating sustainable as well as eco-friendly design ideas you can make your living room stand out.