How To Plan A Home Renovation?


Start a home renovation is overwhelming if you haven’t tried it earlier. Many details would need your attention. However, follow these steps tokeep things simple and organized.

1 # Build a Plan

You need to start with a plan that clearly states the goal for the renovation. It should include design inspiration and outline of work that has to be completed. The plan should also include:

  • Blueprints of the finished project.
  • List of wants.
  • Hiring of a professional

You need to check for the regulations for Phoenix home improvement, if any. Else, if you plan to hire a contractor, discuss it with him. Find out the time required for completion.

2# Decide on a Budget

Now decide on a budget and a plan to finance it. To make a budget:

  • Decide on the amount you want to spend and finalize its financing.
  • Set aside atleast 10 percent of the amount for unexpected costs.
  • Ask estimates from the professionals.
  • Find price details of all the material needed.

You need to include the costs of permits, labor costs, decoration, and cosmetic touches. If the cost estimates exceed your budget limit, you can delay or eliminate the low priority work.Arranging the required funds need time, so start budgeting well-ahead. Negotiate with contractors to lower the estimate.

3# Hire a Remodeling Contractor

You want the best Phoenix home improvement company for the renovation. Consider these factors:

  • Years of Experience. A remodeling company that has been doing the business for a long time makes them a safer choice than the newcomers.
  • Licensed. The remodeler should have the necessary licenses to undertake the home improvement work.
  • References.Request for referrals to ensure that the remodeler has served clientsto their satisfaction. 
  • Payment Flexibility. Any reputed remodeling contractor won’t ask you to pay the full price upfront. Even BBB advises not to. However, it’s better to discuss the payment terms before the work begins. It’s better to spend little extra to work with someone whom you are comfortable with.

Get a Schedule 

Once you have identified a remodeler, it’s time to decide on the schedule. Choose a start date and discuss the time required for the completion of each part. Include the time need to clean-up the area, procurement of material, and account for any holidays.

Start Preparing!

Once all the planning is done, it is time to make a plan to avoid using the room when the renovation work is going on. You will need to make alternative arrangements for cooking and sleeping if you are getting a kitchen and bedroom renovated.