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How to select the seamless lamp for your home

How to select the seamless lamp for your home

Choosing the lamps is a fundamental step in defining the image of each room. Get inspired by this buying guide to the perfect lamp and find the perfect lighting for every room in your home!

Chandeliers, floor lamps or spotlights? The perfect light for every room

Entrance: the paradise of the lighthouses. Whether they are adjustable or recessed spotlights, they are the ideal choice to welcome your guests.

Kitchen: the key word is ‘functionality’. It is essential that the work surface is well lit, with lights under the cabinets that make the experience of getting down to work with the stove more welcoming. If you have a dining table in your kitchen, don’t forget to choose an aim pendant light to get the best out of it.

Bathroom: to ensure a good mood both in the morning and in the evening, you will need separate lighting. The perfect combination? A wall light for the mirror, a ceiling lamp and a pair of recessed spotlights.

Living room: it is recommended that you choose to place different points of light with wall lamps, a floor lamp in the sofa area and an off-center aim pendant lamp just above the dining room lamp. A chandelier, if you wish, is perfect to give a refined touch to a spacious living room.

Room: the trick is to illuminate only where you need it. The wall sconces above the bedside table will allow you a pleasant reading without disturbing those who prefer to sleep. An LED closet light or a mirror-focused light that leaves no shadow on the face is perfect for the makeup area.

Children’s rooms: safety first. No lamps that can easily fall, break or overheat. Take a look at the appliques! For the little ones, a good choice is bedside lamps. For older children, a table lamp facilitates concentration when studying, leaving distractions in the dark.

Aesthetics or functionality? The perfect lamp must have both

When defining the lights in the house, attention must be paid to combining two requirements: the beauty of the room and the daily use of the people who will live in said space.

The aesthetics plays a fundamental role when it comes to getting a cozy home: being surrounded by decorative elements improves your mood but hinders functionality.

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