How to Spot a Broken Toilet


The toilet is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in our houses. This fixture is used by all members of your home several times each day. Thus it is vital that it continues to function properly. Regrettably, there will be periods over its existence when it will require maintenance.

Although most difficulties can be handled with a simple plunge, some are more complex to resolve. In such cases, contacting a plumber to determine whether you have a drain or plumbing problem is critical. Valley Plumbing, for example, may be called in to investigate your issues, even going so far as to provide sewer drain cleaning in Salt Lake City, where blockages are the cause.

Constant Clogging

Let’s face it; clogs are unavoidable. It might be because of the volume of waste pouring down the drain or the excessive usage of toilet paper. Clogs, on the other hand, should not happen every day, much alone more than once. This might indicate that anything that should not have been flushed was driven down your pipes and has clogged all further movement.

To avoid this symptom, avoid flushing objects such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or medicine. If you have a little child, keep the toilet lid locked at all times since they may flush toys or other random things for entertainment.

Continuous Running

When you flush a toilet, you should only hear roaring sounds. A random whirring sound is not only bothersome, especially in the middle of the night, but it might also indicate a problem. One such issue may be a malfunctioning flush valve. If the problem is not resolved soon, you may be in danger of a leak.

By opening the rear of your toilet, you may inspect the flush valve. Within, there is a flapper that allows water to enter and exit your system. If there is any indication of damage, you must immediately contact Sewer Squad.

Cracks in Bowls

Toilets, like any other system or piece of equipment, are subject to wear and tear. Since porcelain cal lasts only so long, your toilet may begin to break as it ages. You’ll notice this if there are puddles surrounding your toilet or if the bowl is “sweating.”

In addition, there may be fractures in your overall plumbing as a result of a connection problem. This might cause leaks and discoloration in the area surrounding your fixture. These leaks can damage your floors and cause further problems, such as flooding. Given the high cost of flood repair, it is critical that you act quickly.

Utah’s Finest Plumbing

When you need quick assistance from specialists who have been in the industry for decades, you should contact Valley Plumbing. They understand that toilet problems can occur at any moment and will not make you wait until business hours to acquire assistance. Even if you have an overflow at midnight, phone them, and a plumber will arrive within an hour.

Many toilet problems are caused by a severe blockage in your drains, but plungers don’t always work. In reality, the issue may be further down the sewage system, where tree roots are developing. Valley Plumbing will use procedures such as hydro jetting without ever employing harsh chemicals or other unsafe ways. Pressurized water will force its way through your pipes, allowing for more thorough cleaning.

Salt Lake City residents have relied on Valley Plumbing for over a decade, and you can, too! You have plenty to be concerned about in your daily life. One of those problems should be something other than your toilet. Call Valley Plumbing at the first indication of trouble to get you out of a bind (or blockage).