How to Use the Heat Pump – Efficiency and Energy Savings?

heat pump

There are numerous tricks that allow us to save a few dollars on the electricity bill. To use the heat pump efficiently, the first thing we have to take into account is that the compressor is the component that needs the most energy to function. You’ll have to check if the Texas light companies can support those machines and cause a strain on your power bill. Therefore we have to monitor the operation of our appliance so that it creates a comfortable environment in the room, but at the same time consume the minimum of energy required to do so.

Call an expert if found fault

The first thing we have to understand is that no matter how much we raise the temperature, our device will not give more heat. Both in air conditioning and in heat pump, the equipment always gives the same temperature, what happens is that when it comes to heating our room to the desired temperature, the compressor stops. When the temperature raises again, the compressor restarts and the same process is repeated. Any fault in the compressor will not heat up indoor air properly. In this situation, you should call the experts for Home services at affordable prices. It is better to spent a few dollars than buying new heat pump equipment.

Don’t set more than an ideal temperature

It is always better to set an optimal temperature for Heat transfer so that the device heats the room sufficiently while spending the minimum electricity due to prolonged stops of the compressor. So forget the idea to set on full temperature so that it heats up earlier, because that is not the case. The test can be done with a simple thermometer. Set the machine to the temperature you want and you will see how the air it expels is always at the same temperature.

Recommended temperature for heat pump

If you have air conditioning and you use it properly in summer and regularly, you will have realized that around 77oF is a good temperature for comfort. Therefore we can put the heat pump at the same temperature in winter. It may seem like a low temperature, but with the previous example it is perfectly understood that at 77oF is an excessive temperature for winter.

From 71oF to 73oF is the recommended temperature to use the air conditioning (heat pump) in winter. At this temperature, we will be in a comfortable environment. The compressor will work less hours and we will save energy. In case of having an inverter machine, the compressor will work at low revolutions consuming much less energy.