HVAC Services in Tyler, TX, to Consider When the Weather Turns Cold This Winter

Knowing what to expect in Texas during the winter is unpredictable. When it gets cold, you’ll want to switch on a heater, but you don’t want to turn off your air conditioner because the cold doesn’t last long. Sometimes the temperature outside is freezing but you want it to match how you feel inside so that your body temperature does not get confused.

No matter how vital they are, furniture can only function correctly if adequately maintained. Several customers have reported that their appliances cease operating after the first cold spell. Various factors can cause this, but it is often avoidable by preheating your furnace. C. Woods Company’s HVAC services in Tyler, TX, and guidance will keep you toasty this winter.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Filters

Using a heater to generate warm air improves air quality by removing dust and debris. Filters are typically provided for this purpose. The filters may become clogged with dirt over time. The last thing you want is to circulate polluted air around your home for your family to breathe.

Filter cleaning is simple and takes less than 30 minutes. The filter can be removed simply by opening the filter’s door. Replace them and double-check that they are securely linked. You can also clean your filters by lightly vacuuming or wiping them with a damp cloth. Check that the door is properly shut after changing the filters. This is something you can do yourself or have a professional come by and help you with.

The Importance of Pipe Inspection Cannot Be Overstated

The intake pipe, one of the essential sections of a furnace system, is critical in providing heat consistently and appropriately during the winter. It is beneficial to move air into the furnace chamber in order for the furnace to produce heat as efficiently as feasible.

Because of its location, the intake pipe frequently becomes clogged with debris, such as leaves or dirt. A clogged pipe raises the possibility of a fire and prevents heating. Twigs and other larger debris are frequently easy to remove. When you believe you have done everything possible to clean up your pipes, C. Woods Plumbing may step in and remove the material you couldn’t see or reach.

C. Woods Plumbing Provides Yearly HVAC Services

Aside from your own efforts, the best maintenance for your furnace is to hire a professional HVAC expert to visit your home frequently. You can count on a thorough assessment whenever you work with C. Woods Plumbing. If a short tune-up isn’t enough, they’ll tell you right away and offer to replace the defective component or, in some instances, the entire computer.

  1. Woods Plumbing has made it a top priority to give 100% satisfaction since your comfort is critical continually. While you may perform simple furnace repair, the more difficult tasks should be left to the professionals. This will ensure that the job is completed securely and correctly. Contact C. Woods Plumbing anytime for the best service possible, whether for a scheduled appointment or in the event of a disaster!