Important Considerations When Buying a Printer


Many businesses rely on printers daily. Even in a business world where many documents are digitized, printed documents are still a core part of the business. If you’re looking to order an office printer in Anchorage, AK, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you make a purchase. Keep reading to learn more.

Type of Printer

There are two main types of office printers: inkjet and laser. Both have their pros and cons, and the right one for you will primarily depend on how you intend to use the printer. Laser printers are ideal for printing documents, especially if you print many pages at once. Laser printers provide crisp, clean prints, even with tiny text, and print significantly faster than inkjet printers.

However, if you tend to print image-heavy documents more often than black-and-white, text-based documents, an inkjet printer is probably the better choice for your business. Inkjets produce beautiful, high-quality images perfect for brochures and other image-based presentation materials. Just make sure you’re using a high-quality maker that is heavy enough to handle large amounts of ink without becoming oversaturated!

Copy and Scan Quality

The vast majority of business printers are now multifunctional machines that can also copy, scan, and fax. So, in addition to looking at the quality of the printers, you should also be looking at the quality of the copier/scanner portion of the machine. You want something that can produce crisp, precise, high-quality replicas of any documents you place on the glass. If ordering online, you can check reviews to see any consistent complaints in this area. If buying from an office equipment store, ask if there is a floor model they can show you to see firsthand how well the machine can produce a copy.

User Controls

Many businesses restrict the amount of printing that employees can do to keep costs down and stay closer to a paperless office environment. It’s not unusual for workers to use the business printer for personal purposes, which can add up for your company over time. If you want to limit prints and copies, you’ll need a printer that enables user controls. This would give employees a code they would use any time they have to print or copy a document and could be used to place a limit on how many pages each employee can print.

Any time you’re in the market for a copy printer in Anchorage, AK, be sure to keep these things in mind.