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Summer has finally arrived! It’s time to dust off the outdoor chairs, curl up with a nice book, and enjoy your beautifully landscaped and well-maintained yard. Design firm Lisa Ellis Gardens is located in Melbourne, Australia, and has won many awards. Since the firm’s inception in 2004, the studio has built solid relationships with members of the industry, and it is currently recognized as a leader in its area. The essential thing to remember about garden and landscape designer Lisa Ellis is that she can save you much money in the long run by guiding you to spend your budget in the most efficient manner possible while also increasing the value of your property!

Landscape design trends are similar to fashion trends in that they come and go depending on the style, planting, or materials in favor.A garden designer may either work within a tight budget or can provide you with suggestions based on a variety of various budget choices and constraints. As a garden develops, it is also usual to work on it in phases as the garden grows. Providing you have a solid general set of designs/plans to strive towards, you might divide the money into smaller, manageable sums that could be spread over a period of many years.

Get the best experience with the designes created

With a broad portfolio of design work, the firm brings its strong ideals to life and breathes them into every project.Every day, the studio’s landscape designers, landscape architects, and horticulturalists bring their specialized knowledge to the table to challenge, inspire, and expand one another.

It’s possible that your garden needs some makeover. You may be perplexed as to where to begin. A garden designer is someone who is in charge of the design of an outdoor area. The job of landscape designer or landscape architect may be combined to some extent with this one.Lisa Ellis Gardens creates beautiful, functional, long-lasting, and individualized gardens by bringing together a variety of talents and expertise.

The firm combines genuine collaboration, tried-and-true methods, and complete openness – from idea to delivery – by following a consistent design approach developed over many years.A vast covered alfresco structure, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and gigantic concrete buildings have been built in place of the ‘garden,’ along with many feature walls and screens.Over the years, the increasing popularity of these “built landscapes” has left little space for natural gardens and plantings, which may help to create a feeling of place in a home’s surroundings.

It is widely recognized that a well-designed and thoughtful garden increases the value of your home and that the value increases even more with time. The more the maturity of your garden, the greater the value it will add to your house.A garden is linked with a property, has borders, and is often more minor than other landscaping types.

A landscape may be entirely apart from any other properties, may not have boundaries, and can be big or tiny in size, depending on the situation.Landscape designers build environmental landscapes utilizing a range of techniques and plant life to get the desired results.Creating a feeling of intimacy in any area, no matter how large or tiny begins with a well-balanced design between the constructed and softer components in the garden.


Lisa Ellis Gardens collaborates with renowned architects and interior designers to achieve a harmonious relationship between the constructed form and its surrounding environment. Aside from creating gardens for rural and seaside settings, the studio is also experienced in selecting plants that will flourish in various environments.