Interesting Facts About Beautiful Plants Named Foxglove Plants


Foxglove plants are put on their roots, they will have foliage growth in one year and then they will have flowers which in turn set seeds in two years. But the most important fact about the foxglove plants is that all the parts of them are poisonous.

If by mistake any part of the plant is ingested that might cause death to even fully grown adults. So if anyone wants to grow them they have to be very cautious or else they always have an option as there are many foxglove plants for sale.

Types of Foxglove plants

There are many varieties of foxglove plants that are available to select from. Some of them include

  1.   Strawberry Foxglove

They got this name because of their large and pink-red colored blooms.

  1.   Small Flowered Foxglove

They are smokey orange blooms and are tightly packed. They grow well in full sun or light shade.

  1.   Sunset Foxglove

These are grown in mountainous regions of Spain. They will grow around 1m tall.

  1.   Canary Island Foxglove

They live on an exotic border but they will be needing protection as they can’t deal with the excess cold.

  1.   Grecian Foxglove

They are short-lived and one of the best types of foxglove plants for sale. They are pale orange in color and have a permanent white lip.

  1.   Small Foxglove

They are the most delicate species which has creamy yellow flowers. This variety of foxglove plants is called small because they grow to a height of only 60 cm.

How to grow Foxglove Plants?

Foxglove plants grow in a moist but perfectly drained soil in all types of sunny conditions like full sun or full shade depending on the type of plant they are growing there.

Usually, Foxgloves grow in any type of soil but the main thing is the soil must be well-drained and should be moist. Do not plant them if the soil is very wet or very dry.

There is no need to grow foxglove plants separately as the flowers ripen and produce seeds which in turn self-seed and grow again. Or one can collect the seeds and scatter them on the ground at the place where they want them to grow.

Tips to grow and enjoy Foxglove plants:

  •     Foxglove plants and flowers attract bees and hummingbirds so it is advisable to plant them or buy them from foxglove plants for sale and place them in those locations.
  •     As foxglove plants don’t grow properly when the soil is dry make sure to water them every week in order to keep the soil moist.
  •     For foxglove plants in order to help them to withstand summer sun and winter coldness, it is advisable to apply mulch around its base for 3 to 4 inches.


People who have pets and feel that growing poisonous plants like foxglove plants is risky but want them as they are beautiful, they can buy from foxglove plants for sale and plant them in their gardens safely.

Foxglove flowers will be available in white, yellow, pink, lavender, purple, and red colors making them more beautiful and attractive.

Even though these plants grow immediately from their seeds, it will take at least 1 year for them to produce flowers.