Is Mold Making You Sick?


One of the most dreadful words that send homeowners into a panic mode is mold growth. Mold growth in the home causes a wide range of unexpected illnesses. No matter where you are in the world, mold is ubiquitous. You can’t escape from it. However, it is a preventable and manageable condition. But they are more prevalent in warmer climates. To survive, they need to feed on decaying matter and moisture. Mold remediation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania does not only eliminate the presence of mold in the home but also cancel out any future reoccurrence. Note that the speed at which mold grows and multiplies more than triple when found indoors. The indoor has a lot of enclosed areas. When mold spores find its way to these enclosed spaces, it amplifies quickly.  

Mold species come in variants. While some species like black mold are harmful and can make one sick, others like penicillin pose less risk and contain antibacterial properties that are found in popular antibiotic medications. Simply put, not all mold species are harmful. 

Whether harmful or not, you should avoid prolonged exposure to mold. Though exposure to a small amount of molds may have little to no impact on your health, none of these mold species are safe for human when breathed in. As tiny as mold spores are, they are harmful and can cause severe health problems. The most common problem you are more likely to face includes breathlessness, allergies symptom, and a deficient immune system. 

Preventing Mold from Spreading Further into Other Spaces

Here are the many ways you can prevent the spread of mold and tips on how to eliminate mold growth in the future. 

Fix all pipe leakages. Leaky pipes or roof needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. However, not all leaks are visible to the eyes but they do leave signs behind. Wet spots on drywall, ceilings, or the floor are telltale signs of a leaky pipe or roof. With your pipes hidden from public eyes, behind drywalls, you never know when it starts to leak. This can go on unnoticed for an extended period. The small leaks make the spot damp, a right condition for mold to grow. While a plumber will only fix the leaking pipes, the mold growth is left unattended. Mold remediation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania will perform a comprehensive check. They will fix the pipe and address the mold growth in the area as well. 

Clean your HVAC system regularly. Mold can grow in air conditioning units. ACs are notorious for being moist, creating the right condition for mold to grow. Choosing a unit with humidity control can prevent moisture build-up. Replace the filters on your air conditioner once every three months. This will keep your air condition free of mold infestation. 

Proper ventilation. Areas prone to mold growth should be well ventilated. These include kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Open the windows for adequate ventilation. This way, moisture can find its way out of these areas.