Kitchen interiors 101: Practical tips for selecting the right kitchen cabinetry!

Kitchens in contemporary homes are getting smaller by the day. The space constraint makes it even more important to get the planning right. Modular and ready kitchen designs are extremely popular, because these are designed by experts, focusing on the balance of function and style. Cabinets remain the most important component of your home kitchen, and your choice largely defines use, appeal, and of course, budget. 

Choosing between popular materials

If you check with popular kitchen experts, such as Kitchen Wholesalers, you will find two basic choices for cabinetry materials – wood and medium-density fiberboard. Compared to solid wood, medium-density fiberboard or MDF is definitely cheaper and can be used for creating a wide variety of cabinets. Solid wood, on the other hand, is definitely more long-lasting, especially if you treat the wood. 

Decide on the right door style

The look of your kitchen cabinetry is largely determined by the door style. For bigger kitchens, you can consider the regular inset design. Flat doors are a great for smaller kitchens that are designed with modern themes in mind. Shaker style cabinets are also a popular choice and is ideal for most homes, depending on the functionalities expected. 

Be practical with the finish

Complete white or glossy light-color for the kitchen cabinet may not be the most practical choice. Go for textured finishes, dark & rich colors and hues, especially if you are going to use the kitchen extensively. White surfaces are hard to maintain, even when you have a reliable chimney and ventilation system in place. 

Consider your storage needs

New kitchen designs incorporate cabinetry all the way to the ceiling, and that’s a good way to make the most of available space. Ensure that you have enough compartments and racks to store everything, and do include a few pull-out drawers. The good news is many known kitchen cabinetry makers have their own team of designers, who can guide on the most functional ideas, depending on the space available. 

Decide on the budget

Eventually, all choices for your kitchen depends on the budget, and it only makes sense that you do your homework and find out what works for your needs. Many companies have ready designs for standard sizes, and you can work with the installers to fix a budget and inclusions according to it. 

Do not compromise on installation and materials, because this is an investment that’s going to matter for the next decade at the least.