Know A Few Easy Tips To Prevent Mouse And Rat Infestation

You will remain happy at home as long as your home will remain free from rodents. To make your home free from rodents, you need to identify and eliminate all the conditions that make possible for rats and mouse to survive in your house.

You may also contact Pest Control Manchester through their pest control Bolton, who can also help you to get rid of rats from your home. Here are a few tips available to prevent rat infestation at home.

1. Remove sources of food and water

Make sure that no foodstuff remains scattered or open in your household. Also, prevent any source of water around your home. Keep your garbage bin closed by using tight lids. Make sure that you do not spill any food item anywhere near your home.

2. Get rid of the rodent habitats

You must eliminate rodent habitats all-around your home for repelling mice and other pests.

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  • Remove debris and clutter.
  • Keep shrubs, grass, and all vegetation trimmed.
  • Trim overhanging trees.
  • Rodent-proof your premises


  • Clear out-boxes and clutter in basements and other storage areas.
  • Store materials off your shelves

3. Prevent rodents from entering onto cracks and crevices

  • Repair holes in the foundation and other affected areas.
  • Seal all openings exceeding ¼”.
  • On frequently used doors install self-closing devices.
  • Under garage doors, install vinyl/rubber seals.
  • Ensure that the areas around pipes, drains, and vents are firmly sealed.
  • Chimneys must be capped.
  • Spray over all the potential points of entry, like doors, windows, cracks, pipes, crevices, and vents.

4. Use bait stations

Few areas are more prone to the repeated attack of rodents, e.g. those near wooded areas or those located in urban centers. Rodents usually try to enter homes when the weather starts getting cooler during the fall.

On such a location try to place bait stations for outdoor use.

5. Remove present rodent occupants

There are two ways you can get rid of rats:

  • Trapping
  • Baiting

Use snap-style traps for trapping that are designed to kill rodents quickly. For baiting use, use tamper-resistant bait stations, which can hold the baits in their place and keep kids and pets out.

6. Clean up your yard

Remove the entire piles of debris, garbage, and clutter from all around your yard. Try to plant bushes and shrubs at least three feet from buildings. Such kind of spaces can provide safe habitats for these rodents.

7. Build a wall

It does not need to be a very big wall or even an actual wall. Just creating a two-foot-wide barrier made out of cement or any crushed rock will serve as another deterrent to various mice and rats.

8. Practice cleanliness in your home

If rodents are not getting any food, then they surely will have no reason to invade your home. Make sure that you don’t leave foodstuff sitting out all-around your home. You must make sure that garbage cans and also pet foods are securely contained in any rodent-proof bins.

9. Call a pest control professional

Last but not the least call pest control professionals if all these measures do not help.