Low-ceiling room design mistakes that everyone makes  


1 Bright or dark colors

As best interior designers in Bangalore says, a ceiling painted in rich shades will immediately begin to appear much lower.  A black ceiling in small rooms (for example, a bathroom) seems to dissolve in the air, and it becomes impossible to determine its real height. The same effect is given by painting the ceiling in the walls’ color – the borders are erased.

2 Horizontal lines

These include the ornament on the walls or textiles: beams, borders, long shelves, and niches also create unnecessary horizontal lines that visually lower the ceiling. The interior decorators in bangalore uses elements that seem to be directed upward: these can be images of towers or trees.


3 Massive suspensions


Volumetric, extravagant lamps are an unsuccessful solution for a low ceiling. Replace them with laconic sconces and floor lamps, and the most successful option would be spots – they will make the ceiling “soar.”


4 We increase the area of the room


Expert modular kitchen bangalore know that mirrors are the simplest and most effective technique that allows you to expand the boundaries of a room visually, but do not forget that a mirror has this property and any reflective surfaces. For example, glossy cabinet doors or transparent tabletop visually

lighten the structure and “dissolve” it in space. By the way, furniture with legs also visually expands the room. The second effective technique is the same flooring in adjacent rooms. This will remove the border between the rooms, and the space in each zone will smoothly flow from one to another.


5 Correct the dimensions of the room


The room’s ideal geometry is a size close to a square, but what if we have an elongated room? Don’t despair. There are tricks here too! First, think over space zoning principles: podium, carpet, furniture arrangement – dividing the room into zones will visually shorten the

room’s length. Never line furniture along the walls – this will only emphasize the space’s elongation and turn the room into a tunnel. A very effective technique with built-in furniture allows you to visually “push out.” the end wall, thereby changing the room’s original dimensions.


6 Correct the height of the ceilings

 Few of us can boast of high ceilings in our apartment. We leaf through magazines with envy, where we see high ceilings and panoramic windows, and sigh, looking at our modest home. Don’t worry, and arsenal includes simple visual illusion techniques that will help you achieve the effect of high ceilings and window openings.

  • Increase the height of the doorways. This will change the proportions of the room. Such doors are somewhat more expensive than standard doors but believe me, the effect will exceed your expectations. If you are not ready to expand door or window openings, then increase their height with special decorative overlays – false frames.
  • Raise the curtain rod to the ceiling and paint it the same color as the walls – this technique will also visually raise the ceiling a few centimeters.