Make Your Garden As Pest Free


Pest infestation on agricultural land makes everyone worry about their crops, flowers, and their money. Even someone doesn’t have enough time to treat the pests and even someone won’t want to waste money on pest control. If the problem is not sorted at the initial stage, then it will be at high risk if it spreads into the vast. So, take necessary pest control steps if you spot any pest on your agricultural land to avoid the damages. You can handle on your own or else book some professional pest control in London like solve the pest problem.

Here are some tips to control pest from your garden

  • Cultivate some pest control crops 

To avoid pest infection by natural, there are lots of plants available. Pick one suitable pest for your land and plant it on the side of your garden area. This can avoid the pest entry and even its smell will help to keep away the pests from your garden area. The plants are mint, neem, marigold, garlic, cloves, basil, lavender, and lemongrass.

  • Create some Barriers 

Creating some natural barrier is the best idea to keep away the pest from your garden area. This is the simplest and easiest one and you no need to worry about the cost. Fencing a fine net around your garden area is the easiest way and it stops pest’s entry into your land. So, you can save your flowers and fruit.  While placing the nets make sure to leave some gap for the plant’s growth.

  • Make your soil healthy

A healthy soil helps to keep away any pests from your plants. Before your plantation, make your soil healthier by adding some organic compost and natural supplements. Once the soil is strong and healthy it doesn’t leave any pests to cause any damage to your plants 

  • Rotate crop cultivation 

To control the pest infestation changing the rotation of your crops for each year will be the best option. Some of the pests come for the same crops by seeking their source of food. Planting the different kinds of plants also increases the soil’s strength. So, keep rotating the cultivation with different crops and vegetables.

  • Own Hunting 

Own hunting and hand-picking help to reduce the number of pests in your garden. You can easily pick the pests like snails, grasshopper, caterpillarson your own. You can use some natural pesticides that make all the pest to attain the Dizzy and then you can easily handpick those pests. 

Organic pesticides that help to eliminate the pests from your Garden

  1. Use a chemical-free spray to avoid the pests from your garden
  2. Use the combination of garlic and onion spray 
  3. Saltwater also helps to make a pest to stay away from your garden place.
  4. Soap water also good choice to prevent pests make sure there are no much chemical substances added in the soap 
  5. Green-based organic pesticides are available in the market. Before buying just check its label.