Mandatory Power-tools that do Wonders to a Home Improvement Adventure

Many times DIYers pinch out of buying new tools because they think that their regular old toolbox is sufficient for the work. But even with the basic trusty toolset- a hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers, etc. – one can easily screw up a home improvement DIY plan, especially the beloved woodworks. But to manage more intricate tasks (which your toolbox can’t handle), you need to pull out the bigger guns (tools), tools which you can find in the HYCHIKA Power Tools website, other websites, or even in offline hardware shops. Let’s see some of these bigger guns of the tool world- the Power Tools.

Cordless drill

A drill, in itself, is a powerful tool that has, and uses, a rotating cutting tip to form holes in wood, brick, and plasters. Primarily, there are two types of drills- Corded drill and Cordless drill. The cordless variety is the best as it is very convenient to use, doesn’t need any power plug or wires. It is also quite sturdy and lightweight.

Miter saw

This saw looks very complicated but is quite easy to use. A miter saw is a fixed circular saw that requires you to move the material for the desired cut. It makes faster, precise crosscuts and angular cuts in a piece of wood. Extremely popular among carpenters, this versatile power saw can be set to very accurate angles and is mostly used to cut at a 45° angle on trim and frames.

Electric screwdriver

With this power tool, you don’t have to worry about your arms while inserting or removing a screw. The ‘electric’ in an electric screwdriver ensures that it is fast and efficient. It is a more accessible and quicker approach to regular screwdrivers. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy the Electric screwdriver. Also, note that this power tool can be corded or cordless. 

Cordless screwdriver

This type of screwdriver is cordless and electric. It means, this tool doesn’t entertain the hassles regarding wires, and at the same time, works quicker than the regular version. It uses rechargeable battery power (mostly Lithium-ion ones) to operate and is portable. The Cordless screwdriver comes in a variety of sizes, is lightweight, and has spindle locks. Even the largest size is quite lightweight.


No, we are not talking about jigsaw puzzles, we are talking about the power tool Jigsaw that you may happen to find in an HYCHIKA Power Tools website or any other hardware site. It is a sturdy handheld tool with a blade that can cut curves and irregular shapes into wood or plastic. Its blades are smaller in size, which makes it proper for gentle tasks, tasks that other saws can’t manage.