Mattress Recycling: Letting Go of an Old Mattress Without Sending It to a Landfill

Getting a new mattress is an exciting prospect. Being able to upgrade your sleep sanctuary is an achievement in itself. However, what will you do with your old mattress? Getting rid of this bulky item is quite a challenge. And a lot of landfills may not accept it due to the chemicals it contains that can cause air pockets that can pollute the water. Thankfully, getting rid of your old mattress does not have to be hard when you hire Recyc-Matelas mattress recycling services. These services use technologies that allow for high-volume processing, ensuring zero waste from each mattress they process. 

How Recycling Mattresses Works

During the recycling process, your mattress and its box springs go through inspections. Then, they are deconstructed to expose all layers within them. The materials such as natural foam, wool, cotton, and wooden components of the mattress are separated from each other and shipped to recycling facilities. In these facilities, these materials are given new life:

Cotton, natural foam, and wool are soft fibres that can be easily compressed. When compressed, these materials are recycled into pillows, car seat padding, pet bedding, and carpet underlay. Meanwhile, the coils and springs are often shipped to scrap yards where they can be sold to foundries and steel mills. These materials can be recycled into appliances or building materials. Lastly, the wood in your mattress can be shredded or chipped and burned as a source of fuel or utilised as mulch.

How Recycling Can Benefit the Planet

Mattresses that end up in landfills can produce greenhouse gases as it rots. Thus, it is best to recycle your mattress. This can minimise your carbon emissions, conserve energy sources, create jobs in recycling facilities, minimise the frequency of unlawful dumping, and preserve natural land. 

When to Replace Your Mattress

In general, mattresses need to be replaced every 6-8 years under normal conditions. But you may get up to a decade out of a good quality mattress when you properly take care of it. You may need to replace your mattress if it is giving your uncomfortable sleep, it makes an unusual noise, it is lumpy or damaged, and when you wake up with body pains. These days, mattresses come with pickup programs. If this is the case for your new mattress, consider asking what the recycling company will do with your old mattress. Knowing you can conveniently get rid of a bulky mattress and contribute to efforts in protecting the environment is a good thing.