Mega keys to select the best interior designer according to your needs


You may want a dream interior decoration. However, once you start with the interior design, tensions and disagreement between resources can occur: the tables do not match the chairs, the lighting is not enough in some points and in others it is too strong, the curtains do not provide warmth, and so on. Therefore, hiring the top interior designer at affordable prices could be the solution to achieve your goal. However, finding the right person to trust for this job can be a really daunting task.

Identify your style

The first step is to first identify the decorative style with which you look most comfortable. It is very difficult to find a specialist if we do not even know what we want. To carry out your personal style it is necessary that you can observe some interior design works that are active. A good formula is to take a look at decoration magazines, design books and commercial spaces. You can even find inspiration on social media, like Instagram or Pinterest.

Budget for a reform

Second, you must be realistic with your possibilities and set a budget that meets all of your expectations. Depending on the size and scope of the project, you will determine one budget or another. This criterion will help you screen some interior designers, since many of them do not accept small projects. Another factor that you must take into account when establishing your forecast is the budget you have to pay for the interior designer’s work.

Little conversation with the designer

Once you have compiled the names, discriminate between them and select three or four that interest you. It is not recommended that more than this number be selected, since, if you interview more professionals, it will be very difficult for you to compare the styles of each of them. However, if you choose a small number (one or two designers), you run the risk of not finding a sufficient variety of aesthetics, work styles and personalities with which to make a comparison of designs.

When it comes to meeting the designers, you must open your mind to new opinions and styles. On the other hand, it is necessary to have full confidence in the chosen interior designer, since he will advise you on where to direct the reform and he will have the authority to make important decisions. The key to identifying a good interior designer is an in-depth interview. The interior designer’s rate must be within your budget.

Communication with the specialist is the key

Once you have chosen the right person, you have to make sure that all aspects of the project are closed. In this way, it is essential to have a good contract in which important aspects such as budget, work times or responsibilities are established. The best way to ensure that all the objectives set out in your contract are met is to have a work plan. This schedule will be of great help in setting objectives and priorities. His style and personality are compatible with your project.