Mold Growth: A Dilemma for Every Homeowner


Have you ever wondered why an ideal property still lies fallow in the market, despite the number of potential buyers that find the building attractive? The property market is a lucrative one and a building with a modern design gets snapped up rather quickly. Property buyers are becoming more knowledgeable and make informed buying decisions. They understand what to look for when planning to buy a new home, amongst which is the presence of mold. A mold-infested building will languish in the property market for a longer period. Getting a great deal from the property will only be possible if the owner contacts mold remediation services Providence RI for a quick mold removal job. Otherwise, the property will be a great turn off for potential buyers after inspection.  While for some buyers, the presence of mold in a property on the market is a great opportunity to snag it at a discounted offer. 

Moreover, modern home designs encourage mold growth as they are compact and tight, which in turn restricts the free flow of air. A property needs to breathe to prevent the chances of mold growth. For mold to survive it requires three things

  • Ideal temperature
  • Moisture
  • Food source

Once these three conditions are met, mold can survive in a home for years unless quick action is taken. If one or all of these conditions are eliminated, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to mold growth. 

Steps to Take as a Property Owner

Getting rid of mold doesn’t have to be difficult. Mold remediation services Providence RI can help you regain your property from mold growth. They are better equipped to get rid of mold. However, if you fail to correct the moisture issues pointed out by these experts, the mold will return, resulting in additional expenses. 

The best step to take to prevent mold growth is to eliminate the conditions that spur its growth. This includes preventing the accumulation of moisture in the home. So how do you prevent this? Check out the steps to follow to tackle this problem

  • Clean gutters regularly
  • Extend downspouts to avoid depositing water close to the property
  • Proper ventilation. This is especially important for the basement
  • Keep your fan running for proper air circulation
  • Replace air filters regularly

If you do this, then you’d be saving thousands of dollars in expenses by calling on professional mold remediation services Providence RI to come to your aid.  So why not take the necessary steps to prevent mold growth in your home. It is however difficult to eliminate mold without the right tools and resources. 

What to Expect from Mold Remediation Service Provider

If the property has mold growth already, what do you do? Cleaning up after mold growth in the home requires special skills and experience. A mold remediation technician will perform the following services

  • Fix leak and other water damages in the home. Affected properties will be taken to a properly ventilated space to dry out. Mold can grow on damp materials within 24 hours at least. 
  • Remove visible mold on hard surfaces using the right cleaning solution
  • Dispose of porous materials safely and legally