Most Essential Details in the Soundproofing Process



In terms of performance, these synthetic materials for acoustic insulation are decidedly inferior compared to the three most used that we described a little while ago, but with a lower quality of insulation they also combine a lower cost than the others , and are often even simpler. to use .

In fact, synthetic insulation materials are in most cases in the form of foams that offer greater versatility of use for complete sound insulation. For a better result in terms of soundproofing the rooms, however, it is always good to combine the polyurethane foam with another insulating material. The soundproofing specialists offer the best options here.

The Right Materials with the Best Usages

Among the materials used in soundproofing, the use cork among its main advantages, the fact of being a completely natural soundproofing material, 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and the very high performance even in the case in which you want to combine even sound insulation thermal insulation, and insulation of the house in terms of humidity and mold. Its main feature is a cell structure that absorbs and captures sound waves, preventing them from spreading to other environments. For this reason, it is a material particularly suitable for the acoustic insulation of walls but also of the floor, as it is also available in a format with panels only 3 mm thick.

Glass wool: 

It is a natural and inorganic material that comes from the union of silica sand and glass and which is used to insulate houses and apartments, both acoustically and thermally and against humidity. In recent years it is one of the most used materials for these types of works, and its excellent performance derives from an elastic and porous structure, particularly effective against both impact and aerial noise. Add to this its excellent flame retardant properties, as it is a non-combustible material that offers the highest standards.

Synthetic materials for sound insulation

Acoustic insulation with polystyrene panels

The materials for acoustic insulation of synthetic origin, generally deriving from petroleum, represent a decent solution to muffle or eliminate the noises inside a house, and are polystyrene , polystyrene and polyurethane.

Not in the form of foam but in the form of panels, on the other hand, polystyrene is presented, which if used in double panels can achieve the same effectiveness as plasterboard and can satisfy many needs in terms of sound insulation. 


We conclude this article by saying that there are many different possibilities that can be adopted when you are thinking of carrying out a soundproofing intervention on an apartment. The various solutions can be different from each other in terms of materials, costs and processing times. If you still need some information, we invite you to contact us by phone, our technicians are available to clarify any doubts on the matter and to advise you only on truly effective and definitive solutions.