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Moved to the New House Now: The Best Choice


Your new home, whether it is post-wedding, post-company transfer, post- move, pre-cohabitation, etc. is too important a stage not to have to celebrate it properly.You don’t have to do things big, or plan too expensive, however, you can organize a small inauguration party to share this fantastic event with family and friends.


If you don’t know where to start, we will be happy to help you with original and cheap little tricks

First of all, black on white, set the date. Take some time. It is not necessary to inaugurate the same day you set foot in the new house. In fact, we advise you to let a few days go by (two or three weeks for example) in order to settle in well before inviting people. For the moving announcements this is important now.

Then make a list of guests. Family, friends and why not, work colleagues. Of course this list will dictate the budget. The more guests you have, the more expensive the party will be. In addition, you must also take into account the space available. Since it will be an informal party you could “spread” the guests on two or three consecutive days.


First relatives, then friends, finally colleagues

The invitations can start a week or two before via the convenient social networks (and save on paper and stamp) creating a nice event. For contacts who do not have accounts, just make a simple phone call. Remember to indicate the exact date, the start and end time of the party. Lastly, ask for an almost immediate confirmation of participation in order to organize yourself better.


Now choose the menu

We highly recommend a buffet with a large table for food and a smaller one on the corner for water and drinks. Avoid the table with seated diners because the inauguration party of a new house involves continuous movement between the kitchen and the hall. The terrace, if you are lucky enough to have it, will be an excellent compromise. The housewarming party invites are perfect in these cases.

  • Finger food, canap├ęs, sandwiches, pizzas and rustics are popular. We would also add the meatballs to be taken with the toothpicks. Prepare a large bowl with a rich fruit salad. Of course, the desserts must also be present, avoid the desserts such as cakes and tiramisu and prefer instead stuffed donuts, tarts, rolls with Nutella or cream and stuffed mini croissants.
  • If you don’t have much time (and money) Available, simplify the menu. Puff pastry is suitable for sweet and savory dishes.
  • Provide a catering service only if you are sure you do not have the time needed for the preparations, as this would greatly increase the budget.


Now let’s think about the house, your new home

Being an inauguration party no one will expect perfection and impeccable decor. Hide the boxes you haven’t yet emptied. Aside from the buffet table and a few chairs, you won’t have to worry at all about what the house will look like, as long as it is clean, scented again, and decorated for example with colorful balloons .

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