Must-have Gutter Cleaning Equipment


Gutters need to be taken care of every once in a while, because if not washed regularly, they pose a threat to the landscaping and the foundations of your house. So, you can either decide to wash the gutters on your own, or hire professionals to do so. Either way, you need to know a few aspects of cleaning the gutters yourself such as the equipment that’s used for cleaning the gutters. Manufacturers offer various types of gutter cleaners to reduce the risk of injury. We shall take a look at a few equipment to clean gutters efficiently. 

  1. Telescopic hose wand

The telescopic hose wand is for those who prefer to clean or wash the gutters from the ground itself, without the use of any ladder. So, this takes out the risk of falling or slipping off the ladder. You can attach these with the threaded fitting of your garden hose so that you may reach the gutters without a ladder. The hooked arms of the telescopic hose wands reach down into your gutters and wash them.

  1. Gutter cleaning scoops

What better way to clean the gutters than scoping out the dirt all at once! These gutter cleaning scoops are pocket-friendly and work perfectly well if you’re comfortable using a ladder. They help you reach down into the gutters and scoop out the debris accumulated at the bottom. Although these are great options for cleaning the gutters every once in a while, you’ll have to move the ladder every 5 to 6 feet. These are readily available at any store nearby or even online. 

  1. Telescoping claws

Just as the name suggests, these are claw-like equipment that offers thorough and intense cleaning. You can attach these devices at the end of a telescopic pole and clean up the dirt stuck at the bottom of the gutters. These devices are extremely helpful for removing and loosening the leaves and mud stuck inside the gutters. So, if you have a blockage or severely clogged gutters, you must make use of the telescoping claws. But if you are not experienced in the field or are doing it for the first time, you may want to consider calling professionals to do the task as it involves climbing a ladder.

Washing or cleaning house gutters is not an impossible task if you use the right equipment for the right purpose. You can also hire Zachs gutter cleaning services that also offer other advanced solutions for an exhaustive and methodical cleaning.