Perfect Furniture Options for With the Floating Vanity Now



Fill up on decorative ideas for bathroom furniture that is both practical and that suits you. The use for the floating vanity is also there.

Our advice for choosing the right bathroom furniture

Installing a shower or a bathtub is not everything: even in a small bathroom, you will need a piece of furniture under sink or basin, storage spaces. Is it better to choose a set of bathrooms? Baths or combine high, low and suspended furniture according to your desires? Let’s take stock, for a successful bathroom design. The Floating Vanity is the best choice here.

  • Choosing the right furniture under sink or basin
  • The bathroom set, a good idea?
  • Storage column and tall unit for a small bathroom
  • Kiss room cupboard and low cabinet, for those who have more space

Which material should be used in damp rooms?

  • A modern bathroom without blowing up your budget
  • Choosing the right furniture under sink or basin

We choose bathroom furniture according to many criteria: budget, of course, but also the space we have, our storage needs and the configuration of the room. Let’s start with the water points: in addition to the shower or the bathtub, we have to create a corner to wash off! If your bathroom already has a sink and you want to keep it, nothing prevents you from dressing its column of a cabinet under sink with some storage. Level dimensions, it should not be deeper than the sink. If you have the choice, choose a built-in or countertop basin. The latter has been very trendy in recent years: the essential element of a designer bathroom!  What material should you choose for your washbasin? Granite and marble are elegant and very resistant, but also very heavy, and expensive. Sandstone is more accessible but a little less resistant. 

The bathroom set, a good idea?

Furniture brands often offer “ready to install” bathroom sets. Their price is advantageous, but be beware of several things, the quality of the furniture (the chipboard is for example not very resistant) and their adequacy to your needs! Indeed, no need to buy a bathroom cabinet if you do not have the space to install it at home and be aware that the day you want to change an item, you will have to change all the furniture, and review the whole layout of your bathroom! For more modularity, you can buy your furniture separately. If you prefer to bet on harmony, a bathroom set will suit you! Finally, be aware that there are other solutions to furnish your bathroom with a small budget.

Storage column and tall unit for a small bathroom

There are many interiors with a small bathroom. The organization of space is a major issue there. To get everything in, you have to be tricky! Take your measurements carefully and feel free to draw a bathroom plan. Then plan for the necessary clearance to open the cupboards and drawers, but also the movements in the room. The size is minimal compared to the possibilities it offers. Keep the toiletries at the same level as the users, while you store the bath linen on the lowest shelf.