Plumbing Solutions in the Right Ways Now


The expert plumbers offer installation ideas, informed opinions on some heating systems, we can help you decide on one boiler or another. They are guided by the motto Good advice does not have to cost. So, the time we invest in research, development and testing comes to your aid.

Offer by phone

This step is critical in choosing a professional plumber. If you called and the details provided are minimal, but the person on the phone is already ready to give you a price, maybe you should think twice before using his services. Without details on your specific situation, no clairvoyant can make a correct estimate. Of course, there are Price Lists, but they can only be general, because each work is different. A qualified plumbers is important there.

He does not know how to work with the whole range of materials or does not have the necessary tools

There is a common problem in a society where each of us has tools on batteries for various activities around the house. But what you need to do to ensure that your work will be done professionally, in the shortest time and without waste of material is to see, ask or evaluate the tools used by the installer. And if he comes to install a boiler with a drill similar to the one you have to drill holes for paintings, then you will probably want to reorient yourself after his departure. The special materials for professional installations reach investments of tens of thousands of lei and those installers will then be able to perform the full range of services, on all types of materials.

The recommendations come only from him

Either you saw an advertisement or you received a flyer and you read that The Best Craftsman, at the Best Prices. If only he says it and there are no testimonials to confirm the quality, look at these statements with little reluctance.

Quickly check with a Google or Facebook search what is being said about the company you are thinking of choosing or about the installer. If he has a website, it means he is investing in his business. If he has a site, he must also have Testimonials. To make sure they are not written at random, see also the Facebook page that Reviews contain. If the 2 sections tell the same story about his professionalism, you can trust that you can call him at least once, to convince yourself.

He finds out too late and in a suit

Punctuality and equipment determine the quality not only of a professional plumber, but of the man behind the job. More than specialized schools or work efficiency, the first indication of the quality of the man in front of you is the respect he gives to your time and respect for his job, by the way he presents himself, always ready to work.

Say Yes when you ask if he recommends a heat pump in the apartment or says that it is NOT done, but he does not give you other suitable recommendations.


That is, stop the advice for him and his experience does not help you. It does not rectify the things you ask for and may not be recommended for your space and your needs. And if you skip this important step of counseling, then your long-term savings will decrease or depend only on you. And you don’t have to be an expert at all. That’s what you pay for, for the experience.