Prominent Reasons for Investing Your Money in Yelahanka Real Estate


Yelahanka or Elavanka as the natives know the place is famous area in the Northern part of the delightful city – Bengaluru. It is the most promising place to invest on land asset due to varied reasons.

Yelahanka is popular among builders well experienced in building residential complexes of all kinds. That is the basic reason for Arvind Codename Unlimited to construct fully functional homes having all the features that attribute to luxury living. The housing abode is budget friendly and has all the basic amenities.

Why it is wise decision to invest in Yelahanka land assets?

  • It is close to airport and thus the land value is always on the high. You get land at lower price compared to the land cost in the midst of the city. In few years, the rate is going to rise highly as there are ample development projects taking shape daily.
  • There are many flyovers and good roads to commute easily anywhere in the city. There won’t be any trouble of heavy traffic or you need to endure pollution effects in such tourist spot.
  • Residents are able to enjoy the greenery as well as able to have access to all the amnesties of the city. The two lakes in the region make it more alluring to own a site nearby.
  • In the near future, the place will be landed with start up companies and centre place for business development.
  • Residents owning homes in the residential complexes will feel secured and live in comfort. There are exclusively styled homes and even customised as per the preference of the buyers.
  • All the residential infrastructures are built as per the norms stated by the Karnataka Government. Hence, no legal issues or property title complications to endure.

In short and simple words, it can be stated as you can visualise the passion of the builder firms like Codename Unlimited everywhere in Yelahanka.