Roller Blinds for any Room in the Home


Whether you choose regular roller blinds, dual roller blinds or any other type, these blinds are great for any place in the home. They are so versatile in fact, that they are the most common window blind around the world.

Why roller blinds are so popular

You can get different materials that affect the amount of light that they allow to get through. Blockout will keep out the light completely, light filtering will allow some in and then sunscreen lets in even more. The range of fabrics is not just about design and appearance but also what practical purpose they serve. But even if you choose sunscreen materials they still protect furnishings in the home from UV rays. Key reasons cited amongst owners who prefer traditional or motorised roller blinds are;

  • Offers an opportunity for insulation
  • Allows you to control the privacy
  • Are very versatile
  • Can be stylish as well as practical
  • Great options for light control

Where would you use roller blinds?


The most popular option for a roller blind in the office is a sunscreen material. You get glare reduction, heat reduction and some light reduction but not complete. In areas where you might want complete light block out like a conference room, blockout blinds might work better.


The most popular material for a bedroom or nursery is blockout blinds. A lot of people who do not use this at first and have problems sleeping but are not sure why, will discover the huge difference this material makes when they try it. Having a problem getting your baby or toddler to nap during the day? Put blockout blinds in their room. They are also great for additional privacy.


Another great place for blockout materials is bathrooms where you certainly do not want anyone able to see in. It provides excellent privacy you just need to make sure you choose a roller blind that can handle the humidity in there. If you have a bathroom window where there is not much traffic or chance of people walking past you might try light filtering as you can get some natural light in that way while still having some protection.

Living Rooms

In any kind of living room all three materials for your dual roller blinds could work depending on the kind of traffic walking past the windows and personal preferences to name a couple. 


The two materials most commonly selected for the kitchen is the blockout and the sunscreen types. It depends on what privacy you want there and how much light you want coming in.

Easy to operate and easy to maintain

Even when choosing motorised roller blinds they are easy to clean and look after, and very easy to use. They have a chain safety device and you can choose to have combination brackets if you want multiple options. Use a vacuum for daily cleaning to remove dust and then for small stains just a clean damp cloth.