Security Alarm Systems


Your home is probably your greatest financial asset, if not your greatest. So it makes sense to keep it safe and secure with a properly installed and working security alarm system. We emphasise “working” because a broken or disconnected security system does not save property and valuables. Only working systems do this. Security systems have come a long way since the days of loud alarms which were triggered when someone enters the premises. Now you can access all  your CCTV cameras from anywhere on your smart phone, alert the authorities and keep your property safe.

What To Look For In A Security Alarm System

When considering a security system is pays to invest in a system that offers:

  • High definition cameras. What is this point of having a system installed and you can’t actually see what is going on? Poor quality vision is of little use to the police.
  • Night vision. This is when a majority of crimes occur so it makes sense to have cameras that protect your property properly at night.
  • Motion record. Again, what is the point of having a system installed that doesn’t allow you to review what occurred on your property?
  • Smart technology. A good system will include smart technology that allows you to keep an eye on your property from your phone.

Gold Coast Security Alarm Systems

On the Gold Coast, QLD we recommend TES for home and business alarm systems. The team at TES have over 30 years of installing security systems in both residential and commercial properties including Queensland Police and Ambulance Services and a number of elite private schools on the Gold Coast.

TES only installs reliable systems that have been proven over and over. They will provide a solution to all your security needs and stand by their promise to “deliver the best security camera system for any budget”.

Brisbane Security Alarm Systems

If you are in Brisbane we highly recommend contacting Bob at Brisbane Security Alarm Systems for all your security requirements .With nearly two decades in the security installation industry and thousands of  satisfied customers Brisbane Security Alarm systems are reliable and knowledgeable. Bob and his team use only high-quality, high-definition security cameras and alarm systems and will create a system that suits your needs, whether it is commercial or residential.

Talk to a profession about installing a security system in your home or business.